Both traditional rulers , PGs and indigenes of Anambra East and West who heard that anybody from this area Anambra East/ West will be killed without revealing it that shrine will kill the person.
that any traditional ruler or President General who did not  announce this article of oath taking to his community within 48 hours ,let the shrine punish them.
That any person from Anambra East/ Anambra West who engaged him/herself into vandalisation of electric wires and transformers or accepting those stolen wire from the perpetrators let shrine kill the person.
that any person who hails from any community in Anmabra East and West operating as a criminal using any weapon whether gun, matchet  etc or any person who saw the bandits or know their hideouts without reporting to the traditional rulers , PGs , security agents and local government Chairmen , let shrine kill the person.
That from today, all the communities/ person from Anambra East/West who engaged any foreigner to reiterate on killing anybody from any community in Anambra East and West let shrine hold the person.
Chairman of APGA in Anambra East , Mr Mike Osita confirmed that since he was born he has never seen such shrines being administered at a stretch but expressed hope that no more would killing or kidnapping be perpetuated in the two local government areas especially by natives or with their connivance.
The Chairman of Anambra East local government area, Comrade Chinedu Obidgwe informed that the communities in the Anambra East and West have taken an oath not to kill , kidnap or maim anybody from the communities never again before seven shrines that are powerful in the two council areas.

He said twelve Monarchs and two transition committee members and over 40 other stakeholders

including representatives from the Army , Police and other security agents were at the meeting of oath taking chaired by traditional ruler of Igbariam and Chairman of Traditional ruler of Anambra East , Igwe NN Kelly and Chairman of Traditional rulers council of Anmabra West Igwe Sylverster Nnose.


Very good indeed. In fact politicians who loot the treasury also should have their names carried to the shrine. Any foreign lobby group that lobbied against the interest of the people must also have their names carried to the shrine. The supported of Boko Haram should also have their names carried to the shrine. Those who build churches over they body of babies in order to have their churches full should also have their names carried to the shrine.
Thense , Nigeria shall be clean. Christians who live within the tenet of Christianity need not be afraid, because the shrines will not be after the just.
I support it.

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