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Peace Family.

I just finished watching a lecture done by the Spiritual Scholar Bobby Hemmit as well as Dr. Ashra Kwesi on the African origins of Christianity.

Here a few things to note:

The Christianity practiced by Europeans and most Black Christians is almost nothing like the Indigenous African Khrist worship that still exists in East Africa that today.

The ORIGINAL scriptures, which were written in indigenous African languages are extremely different from the King James Bible that most use today.

The so called Original African Christians never referred to themselves as "Christians" in a collective group. The term Christian is a modern term that is hard to transliterate. There were many of names for these various African Khrist sects, Essenes, Ebionites, Nazarenes, Ethiopics, Saducces, Coptics and many others.

Most scholars refer to this collective group as Gnostics. Or Sometimes Ethiopic Gnostics due to the fact that Ethiopia is the only country were they exist in substantial numbers.

The original African Khrist Gnostics Saw the Black Khrist as a Neter, or a force of Nature, or an ancestral energy like Ausar and Auset. In fact the Term Coptic descends from a Kemetic Neter.

Coptic is KA-Ptah, the spirit or Craft of Ptah. Gnosticism can be seen as a descendant of the Kushite Craft of Ptah.

In the ancient Kushite world, Khrist was a title and there were numerous men who carried this title and where named after the energy that was the Black Khrist. These men were anointed ones or chosen ones picked by the ancestors to enlighten or invigorate the masses of Our people.

A Marcus Garvey would have been called a Khrist.
A Khalid Muhammad would have been called a Khrist.
A Muhammad Ali would have been called a Khrist.

In fact even the name of Yeashua/Eashoa/Iyasus,which was bastardized in to Jesus was an extremely popular name among these North East Africans, because our people were looking for a revolutionary that would save them from oppressive Roman rule.

There were literally hundreds if not thousands of African men, who carried the title which can be translated into english as Jesus Christ, but Yeshua Ben Pandira was the most Sucessful and outspoken revolutionary and is documented in the Talmud. This is why many scholars believe that Yeshua Ben Pandira is the real Khrist.

When the Romans choose to alter the original knowledge and science behind the Black Khrist in the council of Jamnia and Nicea, The whole Gnostic world was in arms because they knew that the Christianity that was being created was total bullshit and a bastardization of their culture. In response, the Romans labeled these brothers and sisters as heretics and slated them in mass. Today billions of Our people all across the world are still following the belief system bastardized by the Romans.

I ask you black Christians, does it not offend you how these Romans bastardized the science of your ancestors and fed it back to your children. And we still follow it today.

Is there a difference between European Christianity and African Khrist worship? Absolutely.

All Black Christians should trash This racist white supremacist garbage known as Christianity today and return to the science of their ancestors.


(via facebook forum)

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