During the war in heaven, instead of God to conquer the Devil once and for all by destroying him; he decided to throw him here on Earth and said he has given you power to conquer him and you believed.

My dear theists, how old are you now and for how long have you been binding and casting the same devil that has been continuously bound for countless years now? yet this same devil is still causing havock world wide. How long does it take to bind one particular guy? and how many times are you supposed to bind this guy?


If it was possible to bind the devil; it would have been done in heaven but the hosts of heaven in all their potency couldn't do it, instead they decided to shift the responsibility to you and made you believe you can do it thus keeping you pepertually busy every day to continue the binding process.

What makes you think you can do what God couldn't do?

Why did he shift the responsibility to you? Why will he create several planets but decided to throw the devil to the earth where he still came down to create his children? What kind of insensitive father is that? As wicked as I am, I can't put a serpent in my children's room so why would a loving God do otherwise? Why would a loving father not kill the serpent he knew will eventually kill his children? why throwing the serpent into the children's room and then keeping a particular day when he is going to destroy this serpent in an abyss when he already know that his beloved beautiful Children will eventually be the victim of this serpent before the so called judgement day? Does it mean his children don't matter to him?

Ladies and gentlemen, the devil is an entity that exist only in the imagination of those who still believe in these religious myths; and there is a way beliefs makes you see what does not exist.

The earlier we stopped binding an inexistent entity the better. Let's come together to fight crime and take responsibility for our actions. Man is the devil theists have been binding. Man commits the atrocity and the devil gets the blame.

When the economy of a nation is fixed, technology put in place, the government punishes whoever commits a crime no matter his/her societal status, basic amenities and good governance gets to the reach of even the 'commonest' citizen; if we can build a sane society by ourselves, you will see that these bindings is of no use.


I am Lucifer.

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