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Smart Madu Ajaja to some, is a fearless and uncompromising no-nonsense personality and social crusader whose strong voice has continually echoed and re-echoed over the years in matters of fair justice, good political representation, accountable leadership and politics generally in Nigeria and beyond. To others Smart Madu Ajaja embodies (and rightly so) the quintessential gentleman: humble, respectful, sympathetic, empathetic, generous and above all, a man with love for all mankind regardless of tribe or creed, a man who also has the fear of God eternally engraved in a large warm heart.

Smart Madu Ajaja is indeed all of the above and more and even to any casual watcher or associate, the things that would definitely and usually stand out about him would be his seemingly divine inclination and passion for selfless service, compassion for humanity, and peace through justice. This iconic Abavo-born, Ika-made, Anioma-proud and Delta-brand US-based Nigerian Human and Environmental Rights Activist has demonstrated this almost all his life.

An accomplished professional nurse, Smart Ajaja has vast experience in General, Orthopedic, Industrial, Correctional and Oncology Nursing with licensure in three countries and has worked in elite Hospitals such as the Houston Texas-based MD Anderson Cancer Hospital, and Corporate Healthcare institutions in countries including, Nigeria, South Africa and the United States.

An inventor, Smart Madu Ajaja designed and deployed an unpatented dynamic Immobilizer for the management of Volkmann’s Ischemic Contracture, an orthopedic condition that arises from complicated cases of fractured dislocation of the elbow resulting in reduced blood supply to the muscles needed for flexion and extension of the elbow joint as the head of the Orthopedic unit at the Bethal Hospital, Bethal in Mpumalanga Province of South Africa

As a businessman he ran many successful businesses worldwide, he founded and established many companies amongst which is, Allied Vision Group LLC doing business as, a global website with specialty in textbooks procurement, sales and distribution within the United States and around the world.

As a writer with a passion for analytical thinking and writing Smart Madu Ajaja has authored tons of breath-taking essays and articles on local, state and national issues bordering on leadership, corruption and socioeconomic injustice on Nigeria’s mainstream media and on the social media, especially Facebook, bringing to the attention to his global audience credible information on the challenges of corruption in Nigeria and how it has negatively impacted the people’s lives and their mindsets and also proffering solutions on the way out of it and how to create access to opportunities for all so there will no longer be the need for the people to be struggling in the midst of Nigeria’s plenty.

As a philanthropist Smart Madu Ajaja co-founded the Austin And Grace Foundation as a platform to provide assistance through scholarships to indigent students of all socio-economic stratification in Delta North senatorial zone of Delta state in his effort to defeat ignorance through literacy of which many have benefited to date.
He is also a founding member and leader at Anioma Voice Worldwide Foundation (inc), an Anioma Socio-cultural apex body where he also has been deploying his resources and funds in concert with others for the group's charitable and empowerment efforts for all Anioma people.

A man with guts and disgust for injustice of any kind regardless of who is the author and what drives him or her, Smart has demonstrated severally that injustice to one is an injustice to all that must be confronted with all the arsenal the people can muster to combat and reverse it to the benefit of the victim or the aggrieved group, no matter the cost in human and financial resources and how long it takes to reach a resolution based on peace through justice.
It was this attitude that Smart Ajaja and his colleagues in the Diaspora deployed from ten thousand miles to inspire their Abavo compatriots at home driven by the youths to demand for and implement actions for the reversal of the Royal ascendancy fraud that put the historic ancient Abavo crown on the wrong heads first in 1991 and again six years later to the extent of defeating through a celebrated traditional dethronement since June 22, 2012, the royal brigands who occupied the Abavo throne illegitimately for 21 years in what he severally described as two consecutive brazen daylight robberies against Abavo, the Abavo Royal family and the Abavo people who were so handicapped by fear and elitist conspiracy at the time to stand up for Abavo and the over 1000 years old Abavo monarchy. Today, the people of Abavo live in peace and without the usual fear of harassments and from thugs and cultists who operated with illegally acquired firearms bought and distributed to them by their master, under the influence of hard drugs.

Smart Ajaja a rare gem, is a blend of charisma, doggedness, courage, honesty, kindness, compassion, transparency, accountability, simplicity, humility, sensitivity, sensibility, responsibility and incredible intelligence that we cannot afford to ignore without tapping into the eminent qualities he possesses especially at this difficult time of our nation’s history.

Many are therefore asking certain pertinent questions about how Deltans especially of the Delta North Senatorial zone as well as Ika people can utilize this rare personality for the benefit of our region that has been bereft of good leadership over the years. Our people have become tired voting without seeing value in the quality of representation they get at the regional, state and national levels. The polity is in dire need of purpose-driven patriots such as Smart Madu Ajaja to reshape her destiny.

Let us hear from you by honestly completing the attached questionnaire as your response is needed for us to build a case for change or alternative to bad representation in our area for our people.

Courtesy; Dream 19 Exploratory Team, Delta North (Anioma). Delta State.

You can also meet smart on twitter @smartajaja, on Facebook, Linked In and YouTube respectively as Smart Madu Ajaja.

For more on Ajaja's work, visit his website at


The dangerous cocktail of abuse, ignorance and corruption in Nigeria: the negative impacts on the psyche of Nigerians and the implications on the future of Nigeria..........
My peripheral exposure to the Nigerian political environment has brought me closer to the magnitude of the invisible shackles on the minds and around the necks and ankles of the whopping majority of Nigerians, especially the youths whose future and course of destiny has been toyed with, altered and is currently being traded at the corrupt Nigerian political stock exchange market by the enemies in the men and women they look up to for leadership.
At times they demonstrate flashes of understanding of the games that these enemies play with their lives, well-being and future, but when the chips are down and they are expected to react in demand for their freedom, they capitulate again and dip into deeper but sleepless unconsciousness waiting for the next railroad to to deeper slavery to be taken through by their preferred friendly oppressors, and making those who stick out their necks to fight for them to look so stupid for ever trying with the exception of those who understand the pathology of abuse and behaviors that are consistent with abused people who see their abusers as saviors when they falsely feel endangered by those who work to liberate them.
The Nigerian youths acting on the euphoria of a youth emerging the president of France following the country's recent election went to the market on the social media and everywhere with the "Youths takeover" slogan which I believe is long overdue, but I doubt that majority of them clearly understand the gravity of that slogan and its strategic importance to the future of their nation even as we approach yet another crucial election in Nigeria where they are expected to make a bold statement to that effect.
The last time I checked and with what I have personally experienced, the truly liberated youth leadership at all levels need to do more than work to completely set themselves free by first breaking the remaining yokes or vestiges of stranglehold that was firmly placed around their own necks and then the shackles on the necks of a whopping majority of their peers around Nigeria, otherwise, the takeover slogan will go the way of those before it, and the enemies of their future will continue to manipulate them until they become annihilated.
Why should a sane and free Nigerian, especially a Nigerian youth with his future on the line be waiting to for a convicted felon or a political mentor with questions to answer on corruption to declare his interest in a race in order for him or her to queue him as usual as a supporter even when he or she knows that there are better alternatives if he or she is not corrupt?
Corruption is an alluring apple which when eaten, you would crave for more especially if you belong to a conclave of familiar people who are neck deep in it too, and it takes a lot of guts to get out of it. This is the chain of allegiance to the old order that is holding a lot of youths in Nigeria, especially those who recruit their peers for politicians and political activities.
As I write, money has started changing hands within the ranks and file of some youths who form themselves into various small organizations to extort vulnerable and desperate politicians for support while others are waiting for their political slave masters to declare interest in various races in order to get activated for their journey into further darkness.
But out of this hopeless situation, I have come across a set of eminently inspired men and women, especially youths who totally understand what is taking place and are therefore prepared to give all their all to reverse the Nigerian youths march to oblivion.
They inspire me to high heavens and are the power that propels me to go all the way for the Nigerian youths and people, including those who are lost and those who are ambivalent with no clear direction about the way forward.
My dear youths, I know your political slave masters hate me for what I have been doing to open your eyes till date and they will do everything including inciting some of you against me, taking advantage of the fact that they have made you incapable of thinking for yourselves in their desperate efforts to stop me from getting into the senate in 2019 to demand for a future on your behalf from Nigeria, knowing fully well that that would signal an end to their seizure of your minds and your exuberance which they severally abused for their benefits in the distant and recent past.
I am in the race to the senate mostly because of you and the worst thing you can do is to support darkness over the light that I bring to you.
God bless Nigeria......

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