*Who is Uwagboe Ogieva?*

Uwagboe Ogieva is an activist, authour, technocrat and a European certified & licenced IT professional, Expert in web, app development and programing.. He has given most of his life and services to pan african awakening, self education and Edo national development.

The catalyst, sponsor and brain box behind uprising of many Great Benin movements and organisations all over the globe.

Uwagboe Ogieva is the designer and presenter of Edo national flag with red, white, green colour with festac head and “ada vbe Eben”, first published on his network www.ihuanedo.ning.com 2nd of July 2010. Author of proposed Edo national Anthem, amblems, coat of arms and Igho Edo.

After his long years of research on Edo people's culture and history rose an interest in making Edo language accessible on various websites, blogs and socio media platforms.

His first 1 to 2000 numbers was published on ENA USA website 2006 ( www.edo-nation.net ). More of his later works were, www.edonationsatelite.blogspot.com , www.edonation.wix.com/edonation , www.edolanguage.blogspot.com , www.edonaze.blogspot.com , www.osegheedo.blogspot.com

He was first to create a socio media network that have over 5,000 subscribers basically to gather all Edo informations, history, culture, language and blogs, a unique network to identify Great Benin nation times and news. ( www.ihuanedo.ning.com ) popularly called OTEDO.COM before facebook came to become most regular use socio media network.

Organisations Founded are:

*Association of Edo in Barcelona. Spain

*Edo National Congress

*Great Benin Origins [GBO] Diaspora Organisation

*Oseghe Edo Hia

Uwagboe Ogieva have written many articles and publish papers on Edo nationalism. The creator of *Edocrative* which is the study and application of science and technology with indigenous culture, creative arts and critical thinking skills. The CEO of Otedo Web App & Graphic [OWAG] Professionals Nigeria Limited.

Uwagboe Ogieva hail from Egun community at Ikpoba okha LGA of Edo State

Contact: +34 632 409 389, otedotv@gmail.com

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*Uwagboe Ogieva*


  • Born 1974 into a family of three brothers and five sisters.

  • Parents are David Obasohan Ogieva and Justina Omozogie Egbon both origin of Egun Community at Ikpoba Okha LGA of Edo state


  • Ivbioto Pry Sch – *1980 – 1987*.

  • Niger College – *1987 – 1993*

  • Federal Polytechnic Oko.(Banking & Finance) – *1995 – 1998*

  • IT. Ultimate commercial college as a teacher of mathmatics, accounting and economics

    - *1998 -1999*


  • Centro Educativo MicroJem – Graduated with upperclass microsoft certificate. Expert on Microsoft Office (window, word, powerpoint, excel & access) – *2004*

  • Centro Parker Barcelona –Obtained professional Certificates in Expert on Marketing softwares for graphics in Adobe Premium full parcage: Photoshop, Flash, indesign, Quarkexpress. freehand and Coral Draw – *2005 -2006*

  • Escola Vestir Sabadell– Obtained various Professional Certificate on Small scale business management, Catalan and Spanish language. - *2007*

  • European Institute For Software Developers: Obtained master in software development and was licensed and certified as a software engineer with knowledge of various programing languages including html, css,, javascript, Java, C#, .Net, Php and Mysql. - *2016*

  • CIFO La Violeta For Software professionals: Obtained more certificate on Python, Node, Angula, Andriod, iOS, Spring, Spring boot, Java EE, Java SE, Thymeleaf and Helsiki - *2020 - 2021*


Books: Precolonial Africa, Western Philosophy, Natural anthesis, America secularism, why I am not a christian, The God delusion, freethinkers and broadband conspiracy.

Authors: Moleku Asanti, Naiwu Osahon, Chinweizu, Mandela, John Henry clarke, Dr Ben, Malcolm X, Ademola Iyi Eweka, Nowa Omoigui, Uyilawa Usualele and many others.

Decided to choose software engineer carrier after my encounter with princess Madam Tina Iyare about 2004 – 2005, when she contacted me to design a simple Edo alphabetical software. She told me that there was no one to do the software except for a yoruba she contacted early in sweden. This got me challenged as I was not happy. I felt its time Edo be Edo writer and designers to avoid previous damages by other ethnic groups authors and writters done to Edo history, culture and political relevance in the body politics of Nigeria. I decided to change the narative that Edo people are not educated. This made me start lots of research on Edo language, wrote and publish lots of articles, designed lots of website (www.otedo.com / www.ihuanedo.ning.com ) to share relevant informations on Edo language, culture, history and current affairs. My Edo nationalism grows more bigger as I started Edo organisations, designed national flag, amblems, coat of arms and many revolutionary programs and documetaries. Motivated young Edo scholar and bedrock of current Great Benin revolutionary organisations and movements all over socio media platforms.


  • Ment wife - *2000*

  • Had daughter (Ivie) – *2005*

  • Had first son (Esigie) - *2007*

  • Officially got married - *2008*

  • Had second son (Omoruyi) - *2009*.


First Edo website designed“owogienedo.com” - 2004

First article “Are you ready?” - 2005

First Association started “Pan African Association” - 2006

First Edo Association “Edo Union of Barcelona” - 2007

First book written “Genesis of GBO” - 2019

Total article written – about 100 articles


Like many great heros and legends, always start with a small beginning with lots of huddles.

  • Was helping my mother at Ekiosa market to sell before going to school by afternoon in my secondary school days. Help my father on wkends and holidays in farming in the village.

  • Was refused entering uniben twice because of fail in english languge despite having 5 credits.

  • Did all kinds of job including driving a taxi in Benin City to help myself obtained an ND in Banking and finance at federal polytechnic Oko, Anambra state.

  • The fustration to survive made me decide take desert to Europe that landed me in Spain (which jorney almost ended my life in two occassions)

  • As Europe street hustler with all institutional racism, life in europe was not as we thought but a second hell.

  • In all, one must not loose hope, be determined and focus as there is always positive results for hardwork bravely done.


Be determine, focus, stay away from religious indoctrination. Develop a descipline to never be idle. You are either working, studing or learning something. Never be too carried away by the success of others. Know you have your own ability, talent, strenght and purpose. Every little beginning consistently improve upon will soon become archievement.


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