By Felix Osemwengie Isere


President Mohammadu Buhari made Dr Osagie Ehanire who is an in Law of the strong PDP chieftain General TY, Danjuma from Edo State Minister of State for health . Meanwhile he is the elder brother of Senator Daisy Ehanire Danjuma who is also another PDP chieftain . More shocking and worrisome now is the recent appointment of the son of the same General T.Y Danjuma as the co ordinator of the Niger Delta Riverine Protection . Is Danjuma now the one who decides who gets what, when and how in Edo State and Niger Delta because he married from here? Is Daisy Ehanire Danjuma who is a die hard PDP member and one of those who killed Nigeria the only family from Edo State? What type of conventional and backward politics is all these?

You see why the government of Buhari may not succeed except if God intervenes ? The same PDP leaders they are accusing of corruptly destroying Nigeria are still the same people recommending their relatives and stooges for political appointments. People who don't even know the ideology of APC neither did they ever believed in Buhari are now the one running the Government while those who believed in the manifesto of APC and the true change mantra are now totally sidelined because they don't have any member of the cabal or Northern oligarchy to recommend them, and we expect to see POSITIVE CHANGE?

This was the same reason the first lady Aisha Buhari cried out recently. Why should we continue to chastise, criticize and prosecutive some PDP members on the claim that they corruptly destroyed Nigeria and not only celebrate some, but also reward them ? The same T.Y Damjuma was also recently appointed as the chairman of the North East Development Board. This is not what I voted for and am getting so infuriated. To leave an error uncorrected is to encourage intellectual immortality as pontificated by Karl Marx.

They left all our sons and daughters from Niger Delta who are even more qualified as it regards character and competence and went to appoint Danjuma's son from the North because of the excuse her Mother is from Edo State. These Government has continue to reward the children of the oligarchies who destroyed Nigeria. Those of us who are not kids or relatives of these Strong men cannot aspire to any position? This is surely not what I voted for and I am pained because I thought this was what we came to CHANGE. Can a son of any body from the Niger Delta whose Mother is from Taraba State ever be considered for any position that is Strictly for the North? not even a single Southerner or Niger Deltan was considered as a member in the North East Development Commission(NERC) but now one privileged son of the cabal who has never lived in Niger Delta or known anything about Water ways protection is made the head of the Niger Delta Delta Riverine Protection. This is shocking and not what I voted for and can never be a part of it.

In as much as i am still optimistic that Buhari will wake up and do the needful, it will be an act of Cowardice for me to continue to hail him or this government. I don't mind being called a Wailing Wailer, it is better for me to wail and be laughed at by members of the opposition than to continue to be be one hailing hailer and be dying in silence just because of what members of the opposition will say. Moimoi has been wearing six raps of suits many years ago but akara is still naked in the street. I am totally vexed, angered, provoked and inundated with sobriety and melancholy because this is not the CHANGE I voted for or supported.

Felix Osemwengie Isere Isere. Esq.

Truth and Justice Vanguard

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