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by Gabriel C Ode READ meticulously please. 

"Egbe belu, ugo belu." *Why I Nze Igbokamma Igbogadiriri from the Biafran Province of Agbor, do not want non-Igbos from the South South or Niger Delta in our Great Biafra. Please these are my views about this ‘South Sudan i
n waiting’ called south south.

I don’t want the South Sudan scenario in Biafra. We are ok and better without them. Are Igbos not surviving today despite the insidious, evil and excruciating Federal Government policies and hatred against us. Has 20pounds not turned into billions before their very wicked eyes???? Do not be complaining of Hausa Fulani domination and at the same time trying to force or beg others to join us. Rather let’s encourage them to seek their own freedom. "Egbe belu, ugo belu." Here are my reasons. 

1. I want a homogenous Great Biafra where the IGBO language will be our national if not official language.

2. The non-Igbo speaking South South are a group people that in 2017 are yet to realize they are in captivity.

3. They hate themselves more than they hate the Igbo.

4. As I am writing today 03-06-2017 there is war in Warri this time not the usual bloodbath bewteen Ijaws and Itsekiris but between Ijaws and Urhobos. Blood is flowing NOW in Warri (Ogbe-Ijoh, Aladja, Agbassa clashes.) 

5. Without Oil, Ndi-Igbo will survive but to the glory of the Most High God Chukwu Okike Abiama Yahweh, we have enough Oil & Gas in Imo, Abia, Anambra and Igbo speaking part Rivers and Delta States.

6. They bulk of Oil & Gas in the Niger Delta is in Ijaw land but unfortunately the Ijaws have been suffocated in several states making them hewers of wood and drawers of water despite all the riches in their midst.

- In Akwa Ibom State, the bulk of Oil is located in Ibeno an Ijaw area but what is happening there. The three brothers (Ibibio, Annang, Oron/Eket) have jointly declared that they are no Ijaws in Akwa Ibom and have threaten to wipe the Ijaw race if they attempt to annex an inch of Akwa Ibom territory. Today despite all rich natural resources in Ibeno, the place is dancing in poverty. Please google all these.

- In Rivers State, the Ijaw Oil communities are few since the most of ‘Rivers Ijaw’ were carved into Bayelsa. We all know PORT HARCOURT (IGWEOCHA) is Ikwerre and though haters may disagree, PH is part of IGBOLAND. A famous Ikwerre son and lawyer is the current Secretary of Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo. Apart from the Ogonis, the bulk of Rivers State Oil is found in Igbo speaking areas.

- In Edo State, the Bulk of the Oil is in Gelegele community and its an Ijaw territory but guess what, the Benins have warned and have said it in clear terms that the Ijaws are strangers in Gelegele and have threatened to go to war over Gelegele. Google all these facts. There is nothing in Gelegele just like Ibeno in Akwa Ibom to show for their Oil wealth than poverty and environmental degradation.

- In Ondo State the war between the Ilajes and Arogbo Ijaws is still fresh in our minds and the Yoruba people are determined to ensure the Ijaws remain slaves forever in Ondo State. Their Arogbo areas just like in Edo and Akwa Ibom state stinks in poverty and pollution.

- In Bayelsa that is homogenous Ijaw, Yenegoa is still a place struggling to develop but thank God Ijaws have one city they can call their own hence they refer to it and the 'Jerusalem' of the Ijaw race. Why can Ijawland with all its resources be like Kuwait, Dubai or Bahrain?????? Yenegoa as we write is not connected to the national grid. 

-In Delta state the war zone, we all know of the war of Warri between the Ijaws, Itsekiris and Urhobos. But for now the Itsekiris appear to be on top with the Olu as King of Warri with the Yorubas surreptitiously behind them. And we all know the Itsekiris have publicly declared their loyalty to Oduduwa.

-In Cross River there is not a drop of Crude Oil since all their Oils and deposits in Bakassi were given to Cameroon and these noise makers from South South were and are still silent about that act of treachery by the Nigerian Government who were out to appease Cameroonians for their role during the British Biafra War. Akwa Ibom took the remaining Cross River Oils wells via the courts. 

7. There are communal conflicts all over the South South AKwa Ibom/Cross River (Oku Iboku community in Akwa Ibom and Ikot Offiong in Cross River), in Rivers (Okirika-Eleme wars, Okirika-Rebisi contentions over PH), in Delta (Itsekiri-Ijaw/Urhobo wars), In Ondo (arogbo ijaw-ilaje conflicts), in Edo ( the crisis over the ownership of Gelegele) etc. 

So why does IPOB want us to be part of these? South South is a catastrophe waiting to happen, South South another South Sudan??? May God help them.

Even without Oil, NDI-IGBO are blessed. Today are the generality of Igbo benefitting from Oil? Yet with 20 pounds we are surviving under the insidious, evil and excruciating Federal Government policies against us. All we need is FREEDOM for Igbo speaking people in South East, South South and North Central. Let us allow others to define their own destinies.


Nze Igbokamma Igbogadiriri

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