Why was Charlie Boy reportedly beaten at Wuse market?The answer is straightforward.We dont have a constitution.The lack of a proper constitution caused him to protest in the first place.What we call our constitution did not even make provision for what we should do when our president is absent from his seat for over 3 months.What kind of constitution is that?

We are what the constitution and political structure made us.There was a time regions fight any attempt to create a state out of it as espoused in the 1963 constitution.The Western region government opposed the carving out of non-Yoruba speaking people out of the region to form the Midwest region in 1963.

The Northern region opposed the creation of the Middle Belt region championed by Joseph Tarka's United Middle Belt Congress.The East opposed the creation of Calabar-Ogoja-Rivers.Each region saw it as fiscally weakening because they knew that they were not going to get allocation from the federal government rather,they were the ones to send 20% to fund the FG.

When the regions were abolished by Gowon in May 1967,the 12 states that replaced the 4 regions also had same regional fiscal arrangement.Each state were to keep 50% of it's revenues from mineral resources,send 30% to the redistributable account and 20% to the FG.Each state even had it's own flag and coat of arm up to the end of the civil war in 1970.

It was this arrangement that made the people of the new states like Rivers and South Eastern(later renamed Cross River) states, carved out of the Eastern region happy that they have been liberated.They thought they would be allowed to enjoy their 50% from oil revenues.It was the reason they hated Biafra,wasnt it?Western region, on the other hand rejoiced that it was not further divided but remained as a state under the 12 states structure.

By 1971, Gowon reduced state allocation to 45%.People in the states opened their mouths wide in astonishment.This is not what they bargained for,is it?Awolowo was dismayed and resigned from Gowon's government.Then the FG dropped the hammer and reduced it further to 25%.What!The FG then controlled 50% from a mere 20% it had just 4 years before.People's eyes turned red.Murtala/Obasanjo came and took the remaining 25%.The states were left with nothing.Fuckall!

Almost immediately,every region started clamouring for more states so that they can now receive more federal allocations as the FG had confisticated all states resources.Even the Western region that insisted they must not be split as a precondition to supporting Gowon in 1967 clamoured to get more states.They eventually got Ogun, Ondo,Oyo in 1976.Can you see how our attitude quickly changed in less than ten years?

The old Northern region that was resisting the creation of just one Middle Belt state less than a decade earlier was so happy to be divided into 10 states while the South had 9.ECS grumbled that it was only split into Anambra and Imo.The oil producing states cried wolf.Militancy quickly accompanied the cry for more states, resource control and a return to the fiscal arrangement in the 1963 constitution.

See how the attitude of the entire country changed in less than a decade?

From a region fighting the rest of the country with bare hands for nearly 3 years because it was split into 3 states,regions are now fighting for more and more states.18 more states was proposed to join the existing 36 in the 2014 Confab.Nobody want to be left out in "the sharing of the national cake".The only major problem now is that there is hardly any more cake to share.

There is no better example of how political restructuring and government policies can shape national,individual attitudes than this.


Forgive my grammar and typos.
I am only saying that we need a new constitution.A new constitution after some intelligent political restructuring will change our attitude to governance and leadership!

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