By Alex Igbineweka

In 1950s, when the 'Redifussion' or house-to-house Radio speaker boxes were introduced into Nigeria by the then Nigerian Broadcasting
Corporation, the Federal Government of Nigeria was finding a way to
disseminate the News broadcasts by duly translating it into the various
indigenous Nigerian languages so as to get to the grass roots.
Therefore, they decided to translate the hourly News bulletins into
about nine different Nigerian languages, namely: Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba,
Edo, Efik, Kanuri, Fulfulde, Izon, Tiv respectively. This was very
cumbersome as it took lots of minutes or hour to end the vernacular news
broadcast and most other non language speakers were not interested
listening to other languages no sooner theirs was translated.

Consequently, when the Military men came into power, they decided and spruned the number of languages down from nine to just three, namely: Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba languages only and tagged it "WAZOBIA", meaning: "Wa" (come) in Yoruba language; "Zo" (come) in the Hausa language; and, "Bia" which also meant (come) in Igbo language respectively. In other words, (come, come, come), i.e. it was a matter of everyone wanting to speak and be
silence at the same time - how stupid! The name WAZOBIA was given by the late talented musician - Roy Chicago.

And then Nigeria embarked on radio and television translation of news in what they called the
three major languages, and sent all the other languages into the cooler,
for them to groan and get lost, as if the country did not belong to
them as well. This single action is what has led the country into its
present doom of the "Federal Character syndrome", (you must come from
any of those three major languages and ethnic groups) to be heard,
recognized and given reasonable political appointment no matter your
talent and accredited professionalism!

It was in the light of these and several other reasons that I decided to improve or
develop Guosa - the language of my vision to save Nigeria now and in the
future. Guosa is a scientific and artistic evolution and integtration
of all the languages and dialects to be found in Nigeria as a unified
lingua franca (National Language). A lot of tribal and ethnic sentiments
will be relgated to the background when we can speak one monogenous
national language at home and abroad.

By Alex Igbineweka
Guosa Language Evolutionist.

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