“If our ancestors could build the biggest and strongest empire in Africa from the scratch,what stops us from toeing their footsteps. We can rebuild if we set our minds on it. The British,not the contrived Nigerian state,conquered us. They have since left and since there is no record showing Oba Overanmwen signed us away to Nigeria,we must reclaim our independent state and rebuild our united Empire." - *Elderstatesman Ojealaro Friday*

“In the light of the current claims by igbos claiming most parts of the Edo empire the new oba should break protocol and surprise these people with a visit to show them he wants them to be a part of benin again or if he thinks it is disrespectful to do that then he should invite them one after the other and give them a befitting welcome home. Ondo state. You have to show them you want them.
You have to galvanize these groups and even go to. These are not ancient times of war. You cant force loyalty these days. Look at the queen of England why do you think she goes on those visits to australia and canada still loyal to her. To show them love shower them with gifts and remind them of their ancestry. That is the new way. Send them gifts if u cant go invite them at least and treat them like the queen of england does the days of force are over. These sooner we recognize this the less territories we lose. Ohaneze ndi igbo constantly invites these people even though they refuse to honour the invitations they keep inviting them. They are trying to court them nd trick them to believe otherwise. We should be doing the same. Nowadays is the time for war of love. How many times have we invited the olu of itshekiri? Invite them they will come. Send them gifts. That is my own advise.” - *Nosa*

“Some weeks back I promised I'll call for a mind rubbing talk. You have now done the opening ceremony. In fact, Edo was hurt by the British, leading to loss of men, materials and positions. But be it as it may, I like to say that Edo brooded on these wounds for too long. Such situation denied the people of active relationship with interfacing suzerain kingdoms. Edo should have for long been bombarding the local Press & TV with history, culture, stores, songs, dances and advancement of the language culture etc. And also harassing the whole world with same on international scale. The yoruba, though at advantage with Nigeria national media, took advantage of Edo's complesancy on these fronts and forced their culture ahead. The clans all around Edo have waited to be call 'our own' each time the igbo confronts them to twist their identity about where they belong, but no confirmation or support from Edo, as if it is all an imposting. I love the stand you are advocating here. The Oba may not travel but I'm sure the mini kingdoms will be proud to associate, respond to invitations, honour Oba's delegates to theirs and from there a better understanding can be forged as one tree can not make a forest; otherwise, such lonely tree is tempest tossed. Let's try something new and profitable to all stakeholders” - *Lawrence Sc Egwalii*

“Even other tribes in Edo state,: he needs then, the south is not his territory only.
Just as his father did, he can send a princes to some of the communities, who will gladly accept them as their Onogies. Iruekpen community will welcome such.” -
*Aziegbe Ambrose Oseghale*

“The right way to go. And the occasion is usually the best way to tell your history politely to the world where they (we) all started from.” - *Jeffrey Odigie*

“I love that comment of yours . We need his reign revolutional and re-grouping of all Benin Kingdom dukedoms. He must sound the sound of a warrior to reclaim the great Benin Kingdom land and territory.. we will ever remain loyal” - *Osazee Amas-Edobor*


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