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Great Pan-African Married to Cacausian (White)

Alright family- time for a little closet cleaning...

We're gonna call this post "Boo'd Up With Becky"

Just gonna put this out here for all who DO NOT KNOW, and to give us an opportunity to discuss the subject , in depth, among ourselves, and gives us a better perspective on how to move forward, as well as how to respond when outsiders and non-believers try to spring shit like this on us- trying to create doubt about who we are quoting, and who we consider as teachers, etc.

The great majority of Pan-African leaders, authors, activists, etc.- right down to African Presidents ALL had white wives...

If this is new to you, then just let the shit sink in for a while. If you've been in the know, then this is the post for you to get it all off your chest, because we're gonna face this madness head on, and move on from here- facing our own issues and determining our own fate.

Here's a pretty deep list of those we couldn't fit in the picture collage:

Harry Belafonte married Julie Belafonte, Jewish/white woman

J.A Rogers married Helga Beisenthal, a white woman

Ivan Van Sertima married Maria Nagy, a white woman

Paul Robeson dated Marilyn Greenberg, a white woman

Frantz Fanon married Marie-Josephe Duble, a white woman

W.E.B. Du Bois dated Dora Marbach and Amalie Lebenfeldt, both white woman

Thurgood Marshall at least had a Filipina wife, Cecile Suyat

Olaudah Equiano (also known as Gustavus Vassa), author of "The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano", which depicted the horrors of slavery and influenced the enactment of the Slave Trade Act of 1807, married English white lady Susannah Cullen.

W.E.B. Du Bois had Dora Marbach and Amalie Lebenfeld, both white women

Julian Bond is married to Pamela Sue Horowitz, a white lady

Martin Luther King, Jr. headed toward marriage to a young German-American woman he met while studying at Crozer seminary- follow the link, decide for yourself...

James Forman, a civil rights pioneer credited with organizing the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and an active leader in the Black Panther Party had his wife Constancia Dinky Romilly (white chic).

Dr Allan Aubrey Boesak president of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC) and a founder of the United Democratic Front (UDF), a leading anti-apartheid movement in the 1980s has his wife Elna Botha, a white lady.

Henry Sylvester Williams organized the world's first ever pan-African conference, he greatly influenced W E B Du Bois, participated in the 1900 Pan-African conference and has come to be known as the father of modern Pan-Africanism- and he was married to Agnes Powell, a white chic.

Walter White, the National Secretary for the NAACP from 1931 to 1955, and is credited with bringing the NAACP to national prominence, and he of course had his white wife Poppy Cannon.

James Boggs, born 1919, was a prominent African-American political activist, auto worker and author. He worked with Correspondence Publishing Committee led by C.L.R. James from the early 1950s until Boggs and his Chinese-American(white) wife, Grace Lee Boggs led a split in 1962, breaking with C.L.R. James. In his later years he played an influential role in the radical wing of the civil rights movement and interacted with many of the most important civil rights activists of the day including Malcolm X, Ossie Davis and many others. Kwame Nkrumah told Grace, quite seriously, that if she had married him they could have changed all Africa. Wtf...?

Fuck Henry Louis Gates Jr., he's already highly suspect- but of course he too has a white wife, Sharon Adams

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor was also a leading exponent of Pan-Africanism, and emphasized the importance of a shared African heritage as the touchstone of black cultural identity. Or so he said..
Coleridge-Taylor also took a passionate interest in the issues of race, and the politics of colonial freedom in his own African background. He attended the first Pan-African conference in London in 1900 and became part of a loose circle of black activism. His name was already well known in black America, but what they didn't know was that he was married to a white woman, Jessie Sarah Fleetwood Walmisley.

Are these black people's contribution to the Afrikan diaspora any less significant because of this?

There are several more, but I think the point is pretty clear.

(Culled from Facebook forum)