*Why Politics Is Failling Edo*
By Uwagboe Ogieva
13th June, 2020

As an observer of political trend in Edo State and Nigeria, Edo State the heart beat of Nigeria since created in 1991 being having lots of challenges that have crawned her political evolution in the body politics of Nigeria. There is a failed political stability in Edo because a nation divided agaisnt itself cannot stand as one. There is a lack of an Edo dream, Edo national philosophy, idealogy and vision among the people.

Life grows, humans and civilization evolve, situation changes, A good leadership demands serving the people, working with the people, improving and creating positive impacts in lives and society. Efficient political leadership must have a goal, a vision, a purpose and mision for change.
If others are growing, it means they are doing what they need do to grow. You cannot be doing same thing over again and expect different result.

Edo nation from Great Benin as a sovereign state to colonial administration, to Nigeria,, to Midwest, to Bendel State, to Edo state. What have so reduce their common ground and what should be done to change the narrative of Edo people of Nigeria? From majority to so called minority scam. What do Edo need do bring back that socio, political and economic structure that gave them civilization well documented and read in world history as one of most civilize state in sub sahara Africa? The journey must begin with a change in mind through proper orientation and education of the people.

Edo need to change their orientation, approach and strategy to change their situation for the better, open a new dawn of Edo political renaisance, regeneration, national consciousness for future survival in body politics of Nigeria. Edo need to build minds and consciouness of their populis, youths, women and children to have the Edo dream with or without Nigeria. There should be a strategic plan and institution set to straighten tiles, merge or bridge the gap between dialest, and clans with the Edoid common ancestries in the state.

Edo must change their political orientation and strategy to change their story for the better.

By Uwagboe Ogieva
13th June, 2020

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