SWAHILI FOR THE EAST, GUOSA FOR THE WEST AFRICA -- ECOWAS.  The colonial lingua franca monopoly of the indigenous independent Nigeria and the West African nations did not only destabilize and destroy the socio-political and industrial strategies of the countries; it raised data or questions which borders on the basis for cohesion, comprehension, industrial and technological revolution and the unity in such diversity because language plays a unifying role in the beginning, development, beliefs, and customs of any group of people.

The need for an indigenous evolved lingua franca for Nigeria and the Economic Communities of the West African States (ECOWAS) cannot be over emphasized. Experts have pointed out that most people think in the language of their mother land, and that when they speak other languages of no identical parameters to their ethnicity they engaged in transliteration and endless hurdles before the main issues at hand.

Language is a means by which words or expressions find meaning and is put into use. Basically, it is used as a means of giving out information, thoughts, skills, ideas, reasoning and ensures receipt of same from varied sources without. Above all, language is knowledge, and knowledge is POWER to the people, from the people and by the people.

The Guosa Language:

There are about 400 different ethnic languages, dialects and fractional tongues in Nigeria and about twice this number in other West African countries. The Guosa Language evolution covered at least 120 of these divers tongues, with developing rules and grammars for the evolution and integration of all other West African languages, dialects and cultures. The language is made up of carefully detailed units of the different ethnic languages and cultures in West Africa, so that in the future, Nigeria and the West African Regional Countries of Africa should be able to take their positive stand in the communities of lingua franca nations of the world, such as the East Africa, the North Africa, Europe, America, Asia and so on.

Help sponsor or donate for the Guosa Language Train-the-Trainers school project, and lay the building blocks of ECOWAS unity now and in posterity. Contact us at:
Teliwaya: (510) (510) 225-9172 Ext. 1 
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