Nigeria Families and Institute of Corruptions

I am a young man born in the 70s,before my generation and generations of today, we as Nigerians pride ourselves in educating our kids with our core values, belief and traditions, every parents no matter their situation, rich or poor, Christians, Muslims and even the Pagans, knows that right is right and wrong is wrong ,we were taught to respects our elders in the family and  in our environ, we  were taught to respect our institutions whether we liked it or not.

I remember growing up as a son of late retired teacher of a primary school early 80s,that every stubborn children in my community of Usen and entire family always come to my father and we as kids dreaded teachers as lords those days, we dare not act up as we don’t want our parents reporting us to teachers, we will prefer our parents deal with us their own way at home than take us to teachers sometimes at the assembly ground where students and teachers meets every morning before going to our various classes.

It was a big deal to be a student then, knowing that we are not only taught at home to be of good behavior, we were also taught moral values in school, at a time Lawrence Anini became a referencing point, every parents admonishing their kids, you do not want to end up like Anini, believe we  didn’t have nothing but we were contented knowing that taking what doesn’t belong to you will not just get you killed in some instances it can also bring shame to your family, everyday we all had that thoughts in our mind, knowing also that if you behave rightly that it will also bring pride to your family and some case brings you favor and am a living witness in my community, am not saying am a saint, rather saying every Nigerian parents as far as am concern is still the best parents on earth till date, but that doesn’t mean that all our children will end up living their lives the way parents desire their children to.

Nigeria teachers use to be the best, at least any one that has a contact with my father as  students or friends can testify that teachers use to be children’s role model, I always wanted to be like Mr. Asemota who was my class teacher at Atamabale Pri Sch, Usen as a kid, he just graduated from Uniben  then, He was a delight to be around and my dad loves him so much having been his old friend’s son and  student too when he was a kid.

But today what do we have as teachers and lecturer?, thieves, cultist, rapist and fraudsters, who many times doesn’t really earn their qualifications, rather bought them, copied textbooks and just change the words and called them handout, unless  students buy part of what is already in their text book as handout they will not pass their courses, unless the female student sleeps with lecturers and actually date them, they are bound to repeat their course, unless they have carnal knowledge of them.

These female students becomes victims, frustrated and humiliated, some lost focus and self esteem as a result of this ugly incidents very often, the most annoying thing is that the Nigeria government is 1000% aware of this wickedness yet they permit it and turn a blind eye, if they complain, they are either killed, rusticated under force accusations or excuses for daring to report sexual harassment by teachers or lecturer who suppose to  be their role model, guardians and protectors in schools premises, as we have seen in many cases becomes the students worse nightmares.

Corruption is now part and parcel of our education system, you want to pass and graduate from schools today depends on who you know and how much you willing to part with or as female student sleep with bunch of lecturer before you will can graduate, thereby turning our students into vegetables and brainless academically upon graduation, as many didn’t enter classes at all yet they have first class and can not defend it if ask to. The so call NYSC upon graduation is a sham and deservice to our young men and women who just finish school, with next to nothing to learn in that program, that one year program is mostly one year wasted as an engineering graduate is sent to rubber plantation in the name of nysc, accounting gradtuate to Oba palace to be raped, English language graduate to an oil rig to learn and experience what? or as election observers, it beats me because in a better society you are sent to field training during your 3-4 years course programs and it is always in line with what you studying so that you can be better equipped for life ahead of you.

Most jobs are looking for at least one year work experience, how can someone who study chemical engineering be sent to one year work experience in egor primary school to teach Fulani language in the name of NYSC? for instance he has one year work experience teaching Fulani language when apply for a chemical engineering job upon the completion of the stupid nysc program? I thought it should be thrash as it doesn’t add any value to our educational system nor does it prepare our graduate for the future? it’s  nonsensical.

Above all, the elites in government are one of the biggest problem we facing in Nigeria, they called themselves the federal and state government, most times deliberately hold the future and the general good of our country to ramsome by not paying teachers and lecturers for up to 6 months or 9 months, thereby causing unnecessary strikes on end, a course of 4 years now drags for 6 to 7 years, whereas their own children are schooling outside Nigeria and complete their programs promptly and taking over after their parents and by the time those who studies in Nigeria finally graduate and goes off to nysc, the sons and daughters of the elites are already directors in their different fields thereby making our youth juniors under their kids if they don’t drop out of school after frustrations and lack of finances.

I feel so sorry for our people back home everyday knowing that Nigerian youths of both gender are hard working and can be the best of whatever they chooses to be, if  only they will be giving the opportunities they so desire,I think we need a revolution in Nigeria not kidnapping, we need opportunities not terrorism, we need sound education functioning the way it ought to be not this epileptic system of education in Nigeria.

Every institution needs to be touch positively, the old fools who has run Nigeria to the brinks needs to be kick out, arrested and prosecuted, the earlier the better because if we don’t am sorry to say that the future of Nigeria and her youths are in great danger, I rest my case.

Manny Uwangue

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