I just. Watch a movie title Omo-Igiogbe, it was interesting watching the white wash lie propagated by the actors, writers and and the producers of this crap called Omo-Igiogbe and there was no element of truth in iit but the lazy idea Many edo parents hang on to.

The idea of having kids without any meaningful means of livelihood to provide for them and help the kids to be the best they can ever be in life as parents is wicked,stupid and foolish in the name of Omo-Igiogbe. This thing has be going on for ages and that school of thoughts must change with immediate effect, that is if we are to attain our rightful place among communities of the world in the 21st century.

Many useful lives has be wasted as a result of this issue, hence many parents and relatives are good at calling their kids, siblings,nieces and nephews names for not hustling enough to provide for the family that wasn't their responsibilities in the first place. It is the right of every parents to care,provide for their children, by the time parents gets too old to take care of themselves the kids will in turn look after them at their own convenience.

Many young children has been forced into crime due to pressure from their parents and family members, many young women turn to prostitutions and their parents are 150% behind them and these stupid parents does not care about the future of their kids rather what they can get out of their kids crimes and promiscuous life style to the detriment of their children's future.

As for the movie I mention above call omo-igiogbe, I am particularly disappointed at Osasuyi West, for allowing himself to be brainwash by the writer of this non challant story, trying to rewrite a known fact that 99.9% of our young girls in Europe are into prostitutions is laughable. I agreed that European themselves do engage in prostitutions,but that doesn't mean that only few of our girls in Europe are into prostitution and the rest of you works in supermarket, that's a big lie propagated in this movie and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to deceived us and the entire universe for a common known fact. Majority of you now are seeking husbands because prostitution does pay anymore, lots of these girls are now liabilities, our guys in Europe doesn't want to associate it, it's so cheap now that oyibo now want them for 3-5 euro per round, what a heck were you guys acting in that ludicrous movie. I visit Europe every time and I know what's going on there. How can you possibly work in a supermarket to pay 45k-50k to your madams who sponsors your trip to Europe?who are these guys trying to deceive? Themselves I guess.

We need people who will help us educate our parents about family planning, strategizing and working hard, not just giving birth without solid foundation and expecting the child to work a miracle to take them out of poverty. We need people to help us educate our young women against going to Europe on the premise of going to work in a supermarket/farm, because they are only going to end up in captivity,trading sexually to pay their madam, unless your parents are sponsoring you to go study or you married and your husband want you to relocate with him or better still you won a lottery to USA, every other way is a trap and don't fall into it.

What man that genuinely love a woman will ask her to go to Europe to prostitute to better their lives? that man is a weakling, that man is not man enough, he is shameless and infact he is a butthole who deserved to be tied to electricity pole and flog day and night till he comes to his sense.

I rest my case and I want some suggestions as to what to do about this because this has become bad name for us outside Nigeria, it is shameful.

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