Prince Ekpen Erediauwa on developing Oredo local Government

The Transition Committee Chairman of Oredo Local Council of Edo State, Prince Ekpen Erediauwa has said his administration is planning to make more money available for development at his grassroots constituency through the automation of internally generated revenue (IGR).

Prince Erediauwa said he hoped to block leakages in the council accessing tax income available to it and help to reduce its dependence on statutory allocations for survival.

He noted that the automation will bring in greater efficiency and due diligence in the allocation of local government revenues.

Prince Erediauwa in a chat with Newsextra said his administration succeeded in boosting existing revenue through an intensive drive for the payment of tenement rates in collaboration with the state government.

According to him, “Oredo under previous chairmen was referred to as the council with zero allocations as the council was often broke after paying teachers’ salaries and that today the IGR has improved by over 50 per cent under his administration.

“We have deployed the added income to the rehabilitation of some primary schools with the provision of toilets and boreholes and three-seater desks for pupils in places like Ogbe, Ezomo, Ukhegie, Obaghavbaye and Ore-Oghene, among others.”

On the problem of refuse disposal in the locality, the council boss blamed the activities of private refuse collectors who he said usually dump waste in the markets at night rather than the approved dumpsite.
Commentaries from Facebook forum:


Ayowie Osa Ayobahan :
A man with so much consolidated hindsight of good administration. A builder and a thinker of development for his people.a man with great heart to serve,a man that has increased the lots of the Oredo people...a great man to depend on....Prince Ekpen Erediauwa...Watch out!!!!


Tony Daniels No Substitution in Oredo come 2013!!!


Duke Wellington Ride on Ekpen!!!


Greg Oshobugie Ogiogwa To whom much is given. . .


Tony Daniels ‎"Every politics worthy of the name -- the only politics I am willing to devote myself to -- is simply a matter of serving those around us: serving the community and serving those who will come after us. Its deepest roots are moral because it is a responsibility expressed through action, to and for the whole.” - Prince Ekpen Erediauwa.

Edo Jewel Ekpen retain,no yawa


Comrade Enabulele Enabulele Hmmmmm. We know those who actually mean well for us in terms of sacrificing for us.


Prince Madojemu ‎@Comrade Enabulele: once again I kow-tow for you and your limitless hindsight!


Edo Jewel Ekpen retain,no substitution no rival no yawa


Tony Daniels The way some people find fault, you'd think there was some kind of reward.


Ikponmwosa Adagbonyin Ride on my chair you are d best oredo LGA chairman since d creation of oredo

Danny Iyobhebhe I hope all these accolades on Redius will not becloud his sense of reasoning but propel him to greater heights in Oredo L.G.A.? My man,you are Oredo's man of the moment;don't let us down...May the best candidate emerge during the LGA election primaries...


Nicholas Osadolor But na wa oh, if ACN. Refuse to give nomination to osaro obazee in oredo, and osarobo Idehen in Egor. It will be a very great disservice to loyal party men from day one.


Tony Daniels ‎@Nicholas Osadolor - I thought we are in a democracy in Edo State, which one bi say make dem give to anyone, na the people dey decide.


Prince Madojemu ‎@Tony: We should grow beyond parental leverage! Osaro Obazee has worked tirelessly for the party without any caucus support but he was able to deliver! He even jettison his friendship and loyalty to 'capitano' because of his belief in A.C.N's ideology!

It will really be a great disservice to him if the ticket of the council is 'blue-blooded'! All these accolades are mere propaganda aimed at psychophancy!


Itohan Agbonayinma Prince M., you are right on point.


Tony Daniels ‎@Prince Madojemu - One man one vote and one woman one vote. That is how it gose.....

Atoe Smart ‎@ Nicholas Osadolor, I strongly support your view those two men have really suffered for the party and have put in more than any other persons or candidate coming out. They are sellable candidate for next Local Govt Election for both Oredo & Egor L.G.A.


Edo Jewel Itohan you don show again?una don recover from july 14th?,you sef still dey go council? No show again oooooo.ekpen retain,no substitute.


Tony Daniels Na how una like make una talk all we no bi say Prince Ekpen Erediauwa for oredo chairman come 2013.... No Substitution in Oredo come 2013!!!


Edo Jewel Osarobo idehen for Egor,ride on the coast is clear. Ariri,nicholas and co, na sentiment dem dey take do am? no be one man one vote?.pls make una no come cause dissafection for the only reliable party in edo now ooooo we know say una party don die and dem don bury for here.make una stay away.

Osa Idahosa ‎Hon Osaro Obazee

Constance Onaiwu Osaro Obazee


Isaiah Onyenemerem James Egbumnu So this rumour wey I dey hear na true? E no good o


Itohan Agbonayinma Edo Jewel u being sick during election? Sorry o, I hope say u don dey ok. I have a right to seek any elective position. I dont see what your beef is.


Tony Daniels ‎@Prince Madojemu - Let get the massage clear at this point, been loyal to a party is quite different from been loyal to the people. Think about that!!


Prince Madojemu ‎@Tony; Who is loyal to the people? Osaro or Ekpen? Even as a puppet caretaker committee chairman, show me one visible change he has brought to the people besides hiding under the cover of 'Osho'? There is nothing he has done! Go round the council and see the deplorable sanitary conditions and bad earth roads that are supposed to be his priority! It appalls me to see people drumming support for him! I bet you if he gets the ticket, it will be on the goodwill of the Gov. to the Palace! Think about that too!


Osamuyi Paul Ogbebor Suffering and Smiling.....that is our forte :o)


Comrade Enabulele Enabulele I am so ashamed of some people here who called themselves progressive.
At this jet age, many of you still reason in a parochial perspective. God is watching everybody and I owe my conscience to him alone. I respect my tradition and I respect the custodian of my Benin tradition too, but I can never be a "follow follow" man".
Even a mad man is aware that the person bootlickers here are singing his praise has done nothing visible nor tangible.
You guys shouting uhuru are just shameless and illogical.
What has he done that warranted this siwo siwo you are singing here? You guys are even killing the principles of hardwork. Una nor dey shame? Na dis era man go still dey piss for body? I understand that we are in democracy, but ur actions is not reflecting democracy but high level stupidity. The most painful part is...........some of una dey claim progressive.

I really appreciate few members here. Kudos to you Mr prince Madojemu. You be man wey know himself. Many here na boot-lickers.


Edo Jewel Itohan, point of correction,no jewel was sick during election.we were all up and doing through out the election relaying activities from various voting centers to appropriate body is saying you cannot contest but pls go and contest in your late pdp of blessed memory in edo state.abi you no no say who dey cry dey see road..remember say once beaten twice know what l on this note think twice before you contest oooooo . Pa enabulele Pls you guys should mind your language use.that one is not reasoning your own way in this issue doesnt make one a bootlicker pleaseeeeeeee.come to think of it have you sat down to think of the sole capability of an Elected council chairman and that of an interim?please lets look at things critically before passing insults on people.


Comrade Enabulele Enabulele ‎@Edo jewel. It seems you are reasoning with me..........yes you can't compare a caretaker chairman with an elected chairman. Now, why the praise singing? If you agreed that he has done nothing based on the fact that he is a caretaker, why singing praise as if there is something visible or tangible that we can see and feel that he has done? This calls for great concern. Person never do anything, una don dey praise am! How una wan come do those wey don work hard?


Edo Jewel Comrade enabulele,Pls list some achievements of those you claim to be working hard and i will give some that l know of Ekpen.


Ariri Smart Endurance edo jewel,are you sure you are normal?why did you call my name on your comment?


Comrade Enabulele Enabulele Edo Jewel. He is not the only caretaker chairman in Edo state at the moment. We have 18 caretaker chairmen, we all know how the Govt is running the local Govt affair with levity. We know things are not done accordingly and constitutionally. We all know these caretaker chairmen are kind of handicap, they are financially limited and restricted. Now, why are you guys singing praises of someone who happen to be in this precarious situation? Are you guys telling me he brought in billions of his personal money to uplift the local Govt? What exactly has he done? Why r you guys not singing the praise of another lga caretaker chairman?
This is something we should be concern about...
EPF is a great page for knowledgeable, vast, well-meaning Politically minded people, not bootlickers who will start clapping for GEJ simply because his name is Goodluck! We must look before we see and we must touch before we feel. We have moved past this level. There is no democracy in the heart of those shouting uhuru here when they are still slaves, democracy is something one embraces.
Edo Jewel. We know what politic is and we know what Partisanship is too.
I don't really care what some people are thinking right now, but all I know is that....this calling and praise singing was ill-conceived.
Ghandi said........I freed 1000 slaves, some persons were clapping and cheering him, he asked them to stop..........he further said that..........I would have free another 1000 slaves, but they did not know they were slaves.
Edo Jewel this na some thing wey me and you supposed think about o.
I don't know you personally, but I love you . Please don't be a slave.
Being a slave doenst mean you must be a servant to someone, is in our thinking. ‎@ariri. You don't have to resort to insult. Na only name he call na? That one nor reach to harsh put.

Ariri Smart Endurance you see why i always say most of us went to school to get b.s.c not knowledge.i asked him a question because i did not see myself contributing to the cannot differentiate between insult and question?


Comrade Enabulele Enabulele ‎@Ariri. I am not here to fight with you . I am here for peace and not to war. Let me pretend I didn't see the insult in this post.You and I know that "are you sure you are normal" is an insult done in a diplomatic manner.When a white man wants to tell you that you are a fool, he will not say you are a fool. He will simply say you are uninteresting! Which mean you are a fool.


Ariri Smart Endurance lol,i dont see it as an insult but if you take it as 1,pardon me.but kindly ask edo jewel why he called my name?

Greg Oshobugie Ogiogwa Comrade Enabulele. . You only presume to know how local govts are run,and your presumption stems from your lack of in depth qualitative analysis of the efficacy and achievements of Local Govts pre and since Oshiomhole. . .When we were campaigning during the ladt elections,one of the opposition's favourite charges ala John Yakubu,Esan North East former Chair (PDP) was that Oshiomhole was vlaimong LG projects and achievements as his. . .The question is this. .LG or State Govt projects or achievements,has there been comparative progress under any other party. ,? Bearing in mind that the Local Govt Transitional Committee law of Edo State was enacted by a PDP dominated house in 2002 during Lucky Igbenedion's administration and this enabled them to run the LGs from 2002-2004 . . .The Constitution leaves LGs as part of the residual list which means it is within State Govt prerogative and malleable to their pecularities. . Please do not presume to know the facts behind an issue uou dont fully comprehend. . . And also do not blame the individual deficiences of particular Councils and their helmsmen on the


Greg Oshobugie Ogiogwa Comrade. . .In substance,i agree with you that words and accolades must have a basis in reality. . .Physical achievements. . .That is what we praise not individuals. . .No matter who they are. . .

Ayowie Osa Ayobahan Edo Jewel, forgive some nitwits, they are neophytes in politics, they are aspergic and debase. Most of them are lost in the lyparinth of election heist, humbled in a severe trouncing of the vote pattern that have catapaulted our Comrade as a delight for Guinness book of record. These lean reasoners are so below par in cognitive resonance. Prince Ekpen Erediauwa is an icon, a man with great astute, that have served his LG with high developmental consistency and democratic yields for his people. Great man he is! @jagagban, i greet you in a hurry- great you are!

Edo Jewel Ariri what do know about knowledge and education?what stuff are made of?what do you have upstairs?Auchi 1999?you are too small in knowledge and education wise,and if i mentioned your name is that enough to pass insult?you had better find solution to your terrific harsh nature otherwise?let me respect comrade enabulele for his role in this issue and thereby reserve my comments because silence is golden for people like you.


Edo Jewel Comrade enabulele, i very much appreciate your maturity in this forum,As visioners and admirers of good governance,moreso as humans we may sometimes disagree on certain issues and having critcally look into it we can also finally come to agreement.i am happy this was what transpirerd b/w you and Greg and Greg's analysis brought the duo of you to agreement finally.suffice me to say sir that they are not singing praises of Ekpen as an individual but his achievements so far hence l asked you for some achievements of others you knew, so l could give some of Ekpen's and some objective analysis as this could bring us to aggreement.

Tony Daniels No matter what talking about whom the cap fit. For sure is no other person but the Prince of peace (EKPEN EREDIAUWA), is our man for Oredo come 2013. Na so e bi.. Long live the kingdom of Benin & the people of Oredo.


Edo Jewel Comrade enabulele, i very much appreciate your maturity in this forum,As visioners and admirers of good governance,moreso as humans we may sometimes disagree on certain issues and having critcally look into it we can also finally come to agreement.i am happy this was what transpirerd b/w you and Greg and Greg's analysis brought the duo of you to agreement finally.suffice me to say sir that they are not singing praises of Ekpen as an individual but his achievements so far hence l asked you for some achievements of others you knew, so l could give some of Ekpen's although some his achievements are listed in the main post above @tony daniels, and l will make some objective analysis as this could bring us to aggreement.


Tony Daniels ‎@Ariri - U should be ashame of urself cox ur brother is part & part of Oredo cabinnet. Also mind ur business when it comes to issures that affects Oredo/Acn & respect urslf 4 good. Same goes to Madujamu, Osa Idahosa, etc.... Talking about what the present chairman (Prince Ekpen Erediauwa), has done in less than two years is more than any other chairman b/4 him. Listen to Ebs Radio this coming sunday from 2pm - 4pm & u will have the opportunity to call & be inform.

Esohe Aihie When is Prince Ekpen planning to generate this income now or after the local govt election??? Tony Daniels please just an innocent question as the transition committee chairman of oredo is he qualified to contest for chairmanship in the coming local govt elections???

Isaiah Onyenemerem James Egbumnu Ekpen must have tried in his tenure as transition chairman of Oredo,but I do not subscribe to Osaro Obazee being short-changed cause he has work so hard for ACN both in the past and present. The prince should with all humility step down for Obazee.


Comrade Enabulele Enabulele ‎@Tony Daniels. I plead you to know something salient here. We don't use the size of ones chest to judge here. You don't have right to threaten any body here. It is very logical for us to argue and have different opinions here but to resort to threat is stupidity.


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Comment by Manny Uwangue on January 2, 2013 at 2:52am

All many of us do here in pandering, we too scare to say the truth,because people will revolt and call you names, i don't care and am not scare of insult,as long as am convince,i say it not mind who's toe i step on

Comment by Manny Uwangue on January 2, 2013 at 2:48am

He was never elected,his cousin or uncle is attached to deputy gov's office,his brothers and sisters in other positions too, are we saying the oba family are the only qualified people in oredo and edo state? he want to test his popularity he should go to the poll and be elected. oshomole as a person i liked very much, but he is begining to get on my nerves by keep these illegal local council chairmen and women in office till date, violating the constitution.

Comment by ALVIN J, HAMILTON on December 27, 2012 at 7:23pm


Comment by ALVIN J, HAMILTON on October 22, 2012 at 6:53pm


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