The lucky escape

From: benson ibude 
Sent: Sun, January 9, 2011 2:53:38 AM
Subject: [UMAGBAE] Lucky escape

I am back, should I say back home in Manchester in the UK? Is Benin City still a home to me and my family? Well I will always be nostalgic about Benin City, the beautiful land of my birth. I am happy that my craving and yearning for Benin City has been extinguished but not without a price. I want to use this letter to fervently thank all my brothers and sisters who were moved by my predicament in Benin City, sister Esohe Aghatise, Tina Iyare, Katie Salami and brother Erevbenagie Osadolor, Victor Ehue and King Ogie and others who wrote to show their concern about my brother who was beaten and burnt by kidnappers; satirically, on the same street, a former internal affairs minister was at the same time justifying his decision for disbanding a joint military patrol while I was engaged in negotiation with kidnappers, I watched him with his full military security daily while the FG has been in denial over the spate of violent and insecurity Benin City because of that low level decision while our own son has the power to put the insecurity in Edo State right.

If your relations has not being kidnapped, you won’t know the depth of this problem in the state, unfortunately local people are in agreement that the police and rogue politicians are responsible for this spate of violet against our people, evidence point to police and politicians or political bodyguards. The reasons why kidnappers turned their political weapons on innocent entrepreneurs is beyond any reasonable comprehension, in Benin City, the alarming youth hang out is very frightening and threatening, if the kidnappers were really aggrieved, their weapons should have been turned against past and present politicians who live in mini palaces and drive inconceivable and mind blowing limousines that is the current trend amongst our people, our leaders ways of living are affecting our people, the security money is not spent for the benefit of our people because our leaders are protected to lead and show our people the wrong value system.

Well, I will write in the next six months what I witnessed in Benin City, I was in my House corner in Ediaken House at Adolor College and would report on what old boys are doing to salvage the erstwhile renowned Edo Boys High School, I will report on the modern Igue and Ewer festival especially the Eben colourful display and how Oba of Benin remembered his Sons and Daughters in Diaspora, I was present at the Palace, when he prayed for Edo children all over the world,  I was also in holly Aruosa church, I will write and share the colourful pictures with Umagbae people, I  also took picture with J.O. Omoruyi the renowned musicians who is working tirelessly to sustain our heritage, I was also in the ENA party and Umagbae meeting at Mr Oronsaye villa at Ugbor.

The questions I shall be asking you in the next six months are: what are your contribution to this new Benin resurgence, I promised to take my site amongst the Benin progressives, in holy Aruosa church, I met home based Edo sons and daughters who are working for the preservation of our cultural ways of life, even Adam Oshiomole took his sit amongst the Edo progressives to fortify our cultural heritage, Dazile Ehanire Danjuma handiworks are also visible in Holy Aruosa church, but those people expending money and effort on preserving our value system are very few, for example, if you call Brother Hillary, the financial Secretary of Umagbae, his telephone numbers are on Umagbae website, to find out the bank balance of Umagbae, it is 000000 to the infinity, no Diaspora Bini sons and daughter are prepared to spend for our collective projects, Umagbae gave out 15 scholarships to facilitate Edo language and acquisitions, are you happy that children brought up in Benin City can no longer speak Bini language? Because of foreign influences and private schools, Benin children are not poor anymore, what are your contribution to sustaining Benin structures like Umagbae and holly Aruosa church? Tell me?

‘Oya aya sinmwen evbomwan, out of pain people rise to save their community’ pay your individual subscription to Umagbae, Mr Idahosa the president is currently hosting the yahoogroup from his family private savings. God bless you my brother and God bless Umagbae executive members, don’t just subscribe, and pay the £100 reduced fees.

Benson Osayomwanbor Ibude.



Wao..! What a sad news indeed! 

We really in big trouble in Nigeria - Edo State - Benin City.

May be a bloodshed revolution is necessary. Perhaps 2/3 (irrelevant) population wipe off.

SECURITY! SECURITY! SECURITY! I mean digital- DNA- control with trained personnel and law enforcement agencies. A necessity for any modern and civilize society to face the growing complexity of human use of technology gadgets

Life is not free, No mercy for justice, the only way to go! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more Jesus or Mohammed! But physically reality of human existence…

Edo can’t develop without putting all (I mean all) of its population under control by every means necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!



--- On Thu, 12/23/10, Esohe Aghatise <> wrote:-------------------------

Dear Brother Benson,

It is with anger and some despair that we read of the kidnapping of your brother. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family in this difficult period. We hope your brother will be released immediately without any more harm. 


Esohe Aghatise and Family

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Data: 22-dic-2010 10.01

The Kidnappers

My brother is not a politician with easy money and unimaginable assets, my brother started as a robber tapper then became a news paper vendor at Sakpoba road Benin City, before his chains of hotels were developed.

My brother is a philanthropist who wakes up in the morning with an uncontrollable and irrepressible mind-set and temperament to empower Edo man or woman, my brother has been endowed with a natural spirit of giving and offering business advice to people. I was in the palace with Tina Iyare to felicitate with ENA and to pay obeisance to the Oba, I joined the ENA on Friday when the Oba asked for his sons and daughters in Diaspora during the eben colourful display by the chiefs and common citizens, I took more than 250 pictures of the Oba and the chiefs, in fact I followed chief isekhure troupe home.

Then on Sunday evening, my brother was picked up by kidnappers for three days, he was viciously and mercilessly beaten, those who split my brother blood will not have peace, I have been embroil with ongoing negotiation to release my brother. All the communal institutions bestowed to us has failed, our children in the vivid presence of these failed institutions are protesting in their own ways against the society, the politicians are using the heavy police equipment and the human resources to protect themselves, so no citizen is save in the hands of the organised  kidnappers and they are currently turning their weighty weapons on the weak, self- made entrepreneur. The people always get the leaders as they are, the people took Greek gift from rogue politicians to get them into office, now the people are so helpless from themselves while the rogue politicians are so heavily protected.

Be sensible, stay away from Benin City. The Kidnappers are on patrol.    

Benson Osayomwanbor Ibude.          


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