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WE ARE ALL AT FAULT SUG executives auchi poly

This article is not aimed at criticizing the SUG executives,

Management or anybody but it is aimed to enlightening the general pubic on the cause and effect of the saga presently surrounding AUCHI POLYTECHNIC. At the end of this article you shall realize why the writter thinks that the mangement, SUG excos and even you reading all contributed to this mess.
I will start from the SUG excos:


The president of the Students' Union(D-entrepreneur) has been branded as a thief in many articles before now and I will not dispute that fact as himself with the Senate President (Mandela), Director of Finance(Freedom),Treasurer(EQUITY), Cheif judge (equal right) and director of welfare(Wasap) stole nine hundred and fifty thousand naira(N950,000) from the S.U.G Account, D-entrepreneur also collaborated with the Senate President to steal a whooping sum of 1.7 Million Naira withdrawn forthe execution of two projects (renovation of dele giwa secretariat and expansion of the back of engineering gate). He also in collaboration with the Senate President and Cheif Judge stole a whooping sum of 6 Million naira made for project from the Students' Welfare Scheme Account. These sums are all accurate and correct but if you think its enough to hate him then read on.
The Vice President of the union Moses Bawa Mina(Osinachi) collected one hundred and seventy thousand(N170,000) from the S.U.G. with the help of her boyfriend (speaker) who was pivotal to convincing the Senate President to releasing the sum to conduct her entrepreneural program tagged "I am empowered" after collecting money from the union she still collected N500 naira each from all students who participated in the program she was also given the sum of Two Thousand (N200,000)to organize poly week and students would atest to the fact that she organized the worst polyweek in the history of AUCHI POLYTECHNIC as winners of Hostel competition were given nothing even the most Reverenced Mr and Miss POLY were given only six(6),4 and 3 cartons of indomie each room respectively for the winners both for the Mr. And Miss by indomie company only for her to reduce it to 2 each giving them 12 out of 26 cartons indomie. Gross Greed. If you think it's enough to kill her then read on.


The Senate President(ogbereifo nelson Mandela) who parades himself as the paragon of Freedom fighting was the main benefiary of the 1.7Million which was withdrawn for the earlier afore mentioned two projects, was embezzled by Himself and the S.U.G President. the Senate President(ogbereifo nelson Mandela) also with the President and Cheif Judge stole a whooping sum of 6million naira from the Students' Welfare Scheme. He was also the brain behind the N950,000thousand stolen from the Union account if u think it'd enough to criticize him then wait. He has always been the engineer of all theft in the Union just like the Devil persuaded Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.
The Director of Finance now the NAPS vice President (Freedom) who Is among the signatory to the Union account withdrawal cheque from the union account with the Treasurer as if it was their personal account, for 13 months, embezzled the money generated as revenue to the union from the S.U.G motor park (N10,000) and N5,000 from the Union Bike park which was supposed to be paid to the bank, instead of depositing the monthly sum of N15,000, He embezzled it for himself and this money amounted to N195,000thouand Naira. This gross incompetence in the part of the Director of Finance makes me wonder what He can offer the whole polytechnics in nigeria when He could offer AUCHI POLYTECHNIC nothing but if this is not enough to kill him continue.

Now let's talk about the Director of Welfare(Wasap) the information guru of AUCHI POLYTECHNIC who also recently parades Himself as the COS of NAPS. though I still wonder when that election was conducted, he claims Glory for what he knows nothing about, He was among the committee that stole N950,000thousand from the SUG account, he recently claim that NAPS helped to reduce the school fees of AUCHI POLYTECHNIC when we know that Himself and the vice President of NAPS are too scared to approach the Ag. RECTOR. Also in another of his recent post was supporting the management for hike the price of hostel accommodation, giving flimzy and frivolous reasons why the price of the hostel accomodation was increased by more than100% i.e (from N8,000 to N20,000). But still if its not enough to hate him then continue reading.

Now let's take our attention to the school management:

The management headed by the most reverenced Dr TPL SANUSI JIMAH in acting capacity as the RECTOR who increased school fees with more than 200percent and added N15thousand Naira to student's admin charges who were unable to pay N14,750 thereby making their payments N39,750 as late school fee charges, where is it done that the penalty for late payment becomes higher than the payment itself. More than 20,000 regular students and additional 25,000 students from S.E.S of auchi polytechnic pay N2500 for medicals amounting to more than a Hundred Million Naira yet when you get to the cottage hospital you would have to get drugs by yourself as the only available thing in the hospital is beds and paracetamol. same number of Student's pay N2000 for sports which amounts to more than 85 Million naira yet there is still no standard sport center and sporting activities in the school and now the worst is that the school collects N1500 from all students to produce ID cards and yet produced nothing the money for ID cards amounts to more than N75Million Naira. AH! dear management is this not wickness? Well I do not blame you. Also the management increased the tuition fees as detailed below;

ND1- from N28,500 to N37,750
HND1- from N28,500 to N40,000
ND2/HND2-fromN14,200 to N26,000

The above increments is one if the major reasons the Ag. Rector Dr. SANUSI JIMAH wanted His candidate with A.K.A OKADIGBO to become the S.U.G PRESIDENT so that there would be no obstruction of the S.U.G on His path since the Students Union always revolt against any such attempt to increase school fees, this process of making OKADIGBO the S.U.G. President also saw the Ag. Rector involving Himself too much into Students' Affairs compelling him to conducting the poorest S.U.G. Elections in the history of AUCHI POLYTECHNIC. What a shame!
CONCLUSION: Now let's conclude and evaluate, the SUG President though upon His Theft, came out to support and fight for the student's of AUCHI POLYTECHNIC which is the first major reasons of Him a students' leader, even when he had the option to join the management like others did(freedom, Wasap,Cheif judge, GOTV senate president and vice president) for a stipend so his sins could be forgiven. But instead opt to fight for the interest of all student's.. Don't u think he deserves all Students support because He is fighting now not because of Himself but because of All. Come on! He deserves our support.

We are all at fault but let's support those that even though their faults have realized and want to fight for what is right!!!!
Think justice
Think rightly


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