I have cacausian family and very aware of institutional racism in europe and america. How do we handle the continious slavement of black african people in Europe and America? why should an african child no have access to travel to the west as western children and citizens have assess to the outside world? When will black Africa be given same opportunity as their europe/american counterpart? how do we heal the world of the injustice they continue to commit against black African people and countries to the new world order?. I think sharing or teaching about said issues are part of the mass awareness that's part of solutions to know where the problem lies as to finding possible solutions. I beleive to help africans move with the rest of the world is to let them know where the problem lies and then allow them design how to grow themselves to meet up with the rest of the world. Yes the first step is the overhul of the african mindset now occupied with falsehood and vanity . first recognise they need value themselves, worship their own, develop their own like the asian not the euro- arab mindset they currently working with that making their brains dyfunction given birth to confusion and mentally ill society that result to their total self hate. Africans are killing themselves because of miseducation and false religion. The only way you can help them is make them be themselves not giving to false image and likeness. its not about being obsess. African racism today by their white /cacausion counterpart in the west began since slave trade. They need be taught exactly what happened and what they do later is left to them. having knowkledge of the past is also important to know how to handle the future to create peacefull coexistence ,hence humans are bound to repeat same thing. Whether you and I like it or not its what happened and must be told for us all to learn never to repeat. And probably alesson to those planning continueing or wnats to go do same thing in Africa again. Most Africans themselves are very ignorant about the root of their situation and problems, hence not making reasonable progress in their efforts to solutions

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