Answer To Africans Re-education

If our education is not about gaining real power, we are being miseducated and misled and we will die “educated” and misled” A college degree represents a four year prison sentence in which you are primed for a lifetime of wage-slave drudgeries. Dr Amos N.Wilson
Does the master give the slave power and knowledge and resources to make him as great or greater than the master?.


1] It doesn’t teach us how to triumph against the forces arrayed
against us;

...2] It doesn’t teach us about ourselves and how to overcome our

3] It doesn’t teach us who we are as a people, and how we came to be
in the despised condition in which we find ourselves in the world;

4] It doesn’t teach us why there are no jobs in our country for the
teeming millions of our youth, or what we must do to create jobs for
everybody —which is why our governments have no inkling about what
to do to end the situation.

5] It doesn’t teach us why we stay poor despite our abundance of

6] It doesn’t teach us how we can make our country and Black Africa
prosperous and powerful;

7] Our education does not teach economic patriotism, which is why our
leaders loot and plunder our countries and export the loot abroad, to
“safe havens” in Europe, America and Arabia.

8] It doesn’t teach us how we can defend our country and our race
from every form of attack.

9] It doesn’t teach us about our enemies and how they have been

defeating and exploiting us for centuries.

10] Our neo-colonial education doesn’t give us an understanding of
the world in which we live, and of how it came to be the way it is.

11] It does not equip us with a world picture—a global-political
picture of the way the world is structured, and how it functions, and
our Black World’s place within it--let alone an understanding of how
the world is rigged against us. If it supplies any coherent
global-political picture at all, it is the vague pro-imperialist
picture in which the UN system is presented, quite falsely, as serving
the interest of all of humanity rather than just the imperialist

12] Its cardinal failure is that it leaves us oblivious of global
power realities. In particular, it doesn’t teach us that those who
have vital and highly desired assets, but lack the power to defend
those assets, are prone to exploitation and even extermination by the

1] What should a liberated Black African society be like?

A liberated Black African society is one in which the Black population
is in full charge of all its affairs, internal and external—from
growing enough food to feed its population to making the armaments
that enable it to defend its territory. The people should not feel
subservient to any other people on earth, and should have no
inferiority complexes. They should feel confident that their
prosperity and autonomy cannot be destroyed by any other people.

2] Have we significantly de-Europeanized and re-Africanized our

Not at all. After more than 50 years, our laws, our customs, our cities,
everything bears the characteristics of Europain colonizers.

administrative, judicial, military, educational institutions and
procedures have not significantly deviated from those implanted by the colonizers. We have followed the European fashion in every aspect of life.

When they sponsored military government, we went along.

When they changed their mind and demanded electorate, we went along, and dutifully imported constitutions and legislative institutions that imitated those in Paris, London, and Washington.

In popular culture,we have imitated the white country dance, pop music , sagging pants, and whatever else we saw was fashionable in Europe or America.

Hence we are, on the whole, drowning in European culture more deeply than 50 years ago.
Just as Fanon predicted, our lumpen-bourgeois “caste has done
nothing more than take over unchanged the legacy of the economy, the thought, and the institutions left by the colonialists.” [Fanon, Frantz The Wretched of the Earth, (New York: Grove Press, 1968),
Have we significantly de-Europeanized and re-Africanized our
colonial education systems and curriculum?

Let us find out through answering a few questions:

Do our schools make us proficient in our African mother-tongues?

Do they ground us in our African heritage?

Do they steep us in the myths,legends, proverbs, ethical and aesthetic values bequeathed by our ancestors?

Or in the cosmological and philosophical assumptions of our ethnic groups?

Do they teach and commend the African architectural,agricultural and ecological wisdom that our ancestors harvested in the course of millennial of living in Africa?

The obvious answer to each of the above questions is NO!

In not doing these things, our education is still colonial. In 50 years, no conscious campaign has been made to change the colonial character of our education.

If anything, change has been in the other direction.


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