Cough Cough* Erm White People? Just Out Of Interest, What Happened To The All Lives Matter Movement?

Cough Cough* Erm White People? Just Out Of Interest, What Happened To The All Lives Matter Movement?

White people will never let black people do anything without them wanting to be a part of it. When the Black Lives Matter movement was set up white people felt offended and left out. They branded black lives matter as “racist” even though racism towards white people doesn’t exist. It’s purely a figment of their imagination. In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, white people tried weighing in by creating their own weak ass counter movement which they called “All Lives Matter”. the “All Lives Matter” movement just goes to show how bitter and ignorant white people are when it comes to racism.


The 6 Reasons Why The “All Lives Matter Movement” Isn’t Around Anymore:


It Has No Purpose On This Earth 

The “All Lives Matter” movement is nothing more than just a salty retaliation by white people. They could clearly see we were tired of their racist bullshit and that it was time to take a stand. As soon as Black Lives Matter hit the mainstream, white people felt threatened. They always do when black people unite and come together.


White People Trying To Steal Black Culture Yet Again

Black Lives Matter is a non-profit organisation. All their donations go towards helping the black community. White people could clearly see the positive effect that came along with the Black Lives Matter movement. So what did they go and decide to do? They set up a low quality replica movement, aka “All Lives Matter”. All their “donations” just go to some greedy white fat person who blows it all on cocaine.

They Finally Came To Their Senses 

The reason why you won’t hear much of the “All Lives Matter” movement anymore is because it’s absolutely stupid. Even white people know it’s stupid. They just want to make money from an idea that came from a black mind. Black Lives Matter is there because to many white people they don’t value black lives, especially the police.


Without Black Lives Matter, There Is No ” All Lives Matter”

Yep, its as simple as that. Without Black Lives Matter there is no “All Lives Matter”. Just like without black people, white people wouldn’t be where they are today. It’s the sad truth.


All Lives Don’t Matter, Just Black Lives!!

For now, black people just need to focus on black lives. When you think about it, when have “all lives” cared about our welfare? The majority of non-black “poc” have a very anti-black mindset. They’re just like white people expect they have better skin.


The Same People That Support “All Lives Matter” Are Also Affiliated With #BlueLivesMurder 

In regards to the “All Lives Matter” movement, you might have noticed a slight pattern. The same people that proudly associate themselves with “All Lives Matter” also support police brutality. They created a movement which was clearly inspired by Black Lives Matter. You might have heard of it, it goes by the name of “Blue Lives Matter”. Better known as #BlueLivesMurder.


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