Do you know why all human races sees africans as low IQ ?

The white Europeans knows their own. They don't accept your definition of their reality. They do what they feel and ok for themselves and defend their own. They don't care if that hurt or destroy others..they can defend their own with war if need be. they are their own Gods.

I hate black Africans because they seems to be lovers of others but their own. Black Africans seems to imitate everything that white Europeans give to them without self defence. Black Africans are haters of self and would kill their own for white Europeans, something no single white race will do for them.

Black Africans will fight and kill their own to defend their white oppressor. Black Africans are mentally lazy and fall for any little logic by the worst European.

An Italian diplomat ones told me that European sickness is africans problem. While Europe have done away with Christian doctrines and thrown away the lie and fake God, move more and more into science and technology, Africans took the trick and 419 Europe played on them and still using it to enslave their own.

I avoid them alot until I know you are free from those infantile behaviour and children story book called bible. Black Africans behave like children. No single western world will ever take them serious because they sees them as good slaves.

They don't seem to bring nothing new of their own to contribute to their societal development like the rest of the world but rather very good in coping others.

Please tell Nigerian professors or scholars that they cannot teach English more than the English people themselves nor do they accept your English to their original English. They will bully your ofsprings and descendants. If you like cry from here till eternity, white racism will remain and there is nothing black Africans can do about that, because white Europeans don't give a fuck about what Africans think of them or whatever religious beliefs they have.

Kill Jesus and God in black Africans brains to turn them human beings!. Till then they remain slaves no matter their academic level.

Africans need good whip to drive aways religious stupidity from their brains for them to turn human beings. .

Most africans are suffering from poverty of the mind and not physical or economic poverty.

They are neurosis, paranoid and need psycho diagnosis

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