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The migrant slave trade is booming in Libya.

Started by Otedo News. Last reply by Otedo News Nov 15, 2017. 2 Replies

18 Migrants die off the coast of Italy

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Comment by Otedo News on November 30, 2017 at 12:49pm

Chris Igbobhio Akhabue

I know many will not agree with me on this, but it's my bloody opinion and I am 100% entitled to it.

A self confessed deportee from Libya said between her and her boyfriend, they spent 900k of their own money to fund their trip to Libya enroute Italy...

My personal mechanic, whom I respected so much due to his commitment to his job, very good in fixing auto problems without disappointment, closed down his shop, and was able to save between 400k - 500k to embark on the deadly voyage.

My mechanic's neighbor, a very good welder, whom as at them was contractor to many big organizations, churches, schools, construction engineers etc, sold off his working equipments and shop, raised a large sum of money and fled for Libya.

Another 20 year old lady said she saved 500k from her sewing business to fund her own trip for the same trip...

My question is, can we still say poverty or inability to get work to do in Nigeria is the motivation for these kind of desperation to leave the country?

A large percent of the youth whom are involved in this deadly mission were still under the watchful eyes of their parents, and they had no responsibilities of such, and it will also interest you to know that most of them left home without the knowledge of their parents, only to call days or weeks later to break the news that they are in Libya, and they need extra money to cross the Mediterranean sea enroute to Italy.

No doubt, many Nigerians were fed up and couldn't believe on project Nigeria, so they had to take the Libya route to go to Europe where they thought the grasses are greener, and trust me many too are regretting that one decision. But haven said that, Let's begin to tell ourselves the truth, the word "greed" and "ignorance" played a major stakehold in what we see today. We know the country is bad, but who said embarking in such deadly missions can change your life for good? 
Answer - - YOU ALONE. 

Comment by Otedo News on November 19, 2017 at 4:09pm
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Akpoka Desmond Akpoka to NIGERIANS AND ITALY

Every Nigeria girl in italy has the best opportunity so far in life to transform from worst to best while living in italy.One thing i don't understand is, if they are not ashamed being the only black prostituting in italy.
Italy is not a country which the only means of surviving is not prostitution,you can work and you can go to school,all of these cost you nothing but only 4 hours of your 24 hours.
Nigeria girls hear this,assuming you are a saloonist,a fashionista,an interior designer, a school dropout or you never engage in any of the above mentioned,you have a better chance of becoming a professional within the period of six months.
Our parents back home have a role to play over this by encouraging them to start doing something is never too later and our parents should try to know what their children are doing in italy,this will help to strengthen the child. Prostitution is not a pensionable job and is not acceptable by anyone.Is very disheartening and disgusting our Nigerians dont want to do anything but want to be rich and famous,but how possible is that?
A situation at which 200 people live in a place and only 5 of these people are working and the rest are prostituting,what will be the easy name to identify them?Please lets work together to redeem our image here in italy. Nigeria girls in italy on my mind.

Comment by Otedo News on March 19, 2014 at 2:48pm

Immigration tragedy: FG cancels recruitment exercise, offers victims’ families automatic employment

Immigration tragedy: FG offers victims’ families automatic employment. President Goodluck Jonathan has directed that three employment slots be reserved for the families of those who died during the stampede that occurred during the recruitment exercise conducted by the Nigerian Immigration Service on Saturday nationwide.

Minister of Information, Mr. Labaran Maku, disclosed this to State House correspondents on Wednesday at the end of the Federal Executive Council meeting which was devoted to the incident.

He said one of the three beneficiaries must be a lady.

Jonathan also directed that all those who sustained injuries and are currently hospitalised be given automatic employment in the service.

While ordering that the ill-fated exercise be cancelled, the President set up a committee led by the Chairman of the Federal Civil Service Commission, to conduct a fresh exercise.

The committee has the Comptroller-General of NIS as well as representatives of the Inspector-General of Police and the heads of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Coprs, Nigerian Prisons Service, State Security Service and the Federal Road Safety Commission as members.
Just now

Comment by Otedo News on March 18, 2014 at 9:33am

The Nigeria Govt and the immigration service should be held responsible for the death of inocent citizens who lost their lives yesterday to the ugly jamboree called recruitments. As a matter of fact the NIS comptoller General should resign with immediate effect, same apply to some of the state commandant who said applicants died due to their impatients attitude. You cannot invite 200,000 applicants to 60,000 capacity stadium, we are not watching football match. It is recruitments execercise. Candidate were kept under the sun from 5am till 4:30pm befor the commencement of the exaam, i have never seen were anyone will pay to be killed.If i call the exercise a deliberate attempt to kill people am not wrong, 38,000 people in a stadium of 10,000 capacity, the NIS opened just one gate to the 38,000 applicants to use, military personel were everywhere at the gate busy floging innocent citizens who came for exam. TEAR GARS was busy flying everywere even when they know so well that there is surfocation already and people are finding it difficult to breath.,

My questions are;1. Why did you collect #1,000 from applicants?
2. Why the use of Tear gas in such crowd or environmemt?
3. Why did you invite 10million candidate when u need just 4,000?
4. Why did you allow applicants to stay under the sun for 8hrs befor exam?
5. Why one extrance into the stadium with such crowds?
6. Why did you deprived applicants the right to go out and get something to eat? Even when u know so well that none of this people ate beformcoming there.
7. What will happen to the people who lost their lives?
8. Is it a crime to be a NIGERIAN?
9. What have we done wrong to deserve the so much hatred from our leaders?
Finally, who will be sued/fired/queried/resign or any form of caution?

Amafe Jessica's photo.
Amafe Jessica's photo.
Amafe Jessica's photo.
Amafe Jessica's photo.
Comment by Otedo News on February 22, 2014 at 4:57pm

Mrs. Ojukowon left Nigeria in 1980 she left her husband, two sons to come to America for a better life but she never went back; well she did, in a casket and her body flown back home to her frail husband, two sons, and seven grandchildren. When Okafor left home he was only 20, his coming was a bit tricky because he literally crossed the Mexico border to come into America, he is undocumented, lurking, and hoping that one day he’s life would be better. The last time he had extra $5 in his wallet he bought a phone card called home and managed to call his Tobias who went on and on about how he’s wasting away.“Oh boy you dey dull o, you don reach America for two years you dey complain you no fit send me $1,000, we be paddy o.”“How I go get 1k, I no even get $100, no job o.”“You no won look for job now, if na me I go don buy car, build house for America and for Naija.”America is paved with gold, money fall from trees, food fall from the sky, and houses are free. Only if he can make it to America, his life would change.Some of us in the diaspora are very familiar with this sort of thinking; friends or even family members compare and tell us our lives should be a lot better because we are in America. To them America should be the answer to all life’s problems. Unfortunately, it isn’t. The roads are not paved with gold and foods don’t fall from the sky. Although it is a land of great opportunities availed to everyone and hard work does pay off (eventually) but it is not an overnight event. It takes time. Those who have rushed to get rich quick can’t enjoy it, they are locked up in a cell, or worst dead. We all are here for the greener pasture and to enjoy the basic necessities of life that our system refuses to offer and to be sure of a better life for ourselves and our offspring. There are foreigners who start from the bottom and somehow reach the top; while there are others lurking, hiding in fear, some are at the bottom, undocumented, working odd jobs just to afford the basics, and to send money home to their family. Unfortunately, some fight for the basics until their bodies’ crash and give up. I know some of you may ask “why can’t they just come back home?” It isn’t that easy. They are trapped by the seduction of the system, we all are. The seduction of the system keeps most of us here. The peace of mind that no matter what things life wouldn’t be as bad as living in our homeland; the tranquility of everyday, the consistency of the system, the effectiveness of the law (to some degree), and the ability to create the life we want. The system is designed to help us dream, and to expect a better life. So we are not apologetic for leaving, we are saddened by the way things worked out for some of us, and the fact that those we left behind are ahead of us, and have somehow moved on, given hope holding on to the expectation that we would come back home. Some of us are fearful of returning home because we don’t know why to pick up from. Our lives have been rearranged and we are better off clinging to what we have come to know. Who is to say that life would have been better if we just stayed? We have left parents, siblings, spouses, children, and friends in hopes of getting them out of penury, going back home building a mansion, and taking care of our family. While there are so many voices telling us to leave it all and come back home where things would be easy; there are voices calling us to stay. Life in the diaspora is just that, LIFE. You look at the decisions you’ve made, stick with it and keep it moving. I thank God for those who have created a new life, a great life, and also remember those that are still struggling and pray for those that are stuck in the seduction, those lurking, those hiding. May the heavens open for you and may your reasons for coming to America be fulfilled. Have a wonderful weekend."....

Comment by Otedo News on September 30, 2013 at 7:07am
Comment by Otedo News on July 12, 2013 at 8:08pm
The most risky jouney to europe
The most risky jouney to europe
Comment by Otedo News on June 30, 2013 at 10:10am
Appalling conditions of Africans in Italy

This is NOT Africa! This is Europe in the 21st Century! An African migrant worker in a shanty dwelling in Southern Italy.

Workers Living in Appalling Conditions http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/news/article.cfm?id=3966&cat=field-news
Appalling conditions of Africans in Italy This is NOT Africa! This is Europe in the 21st Century! An African migrant worker in a shanty dwelling in Southern Italy. Workers Living in Appalling Conditions <a href=http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/news/article.cfm?id=3966&c..." height="268" width="403"/>
Comment by Otedo News on June 25, 2013 at 1:34am

Pan Africans Denmark
Most of our African brothers come to denmark with a good basic plan and that is save money and send it back home to build a house! Understandable, but the devil is in the detail. Who's going to hire you, for how much and how long, and what type of job? Now you got kids, or education which many who are common sense smart get so they later can have a better than average job and the question is whos going to hire you, for how much, and how long, and what type of job?

20, years or more past, same question, your kids are 18 and older and now learning from stronger groups of people whats important, whos values count and dont, whos to model themselves after, and the question is who going to hire them, for how much, and how long, and what type of job?

The economy is flattening out now, and still i ask at what point do negros say damn we need to combine and own something because this one man plan isnt working for 98 percent of our folks?


Comment by Otedo News on June 24, 2013 at 10:10am


Africans immigrants are the most educated in the USA even more than the WASP. Yet they have nothing to show Africa for all the cram and paste.
While Indians and Pakistanis did not match Africans they have successfully transferred Silicon Valley of Bangalore and IT development to Pakistan.
it is because most of these African professionals are ungrateful to the peasant farmers that worked to send them abroad. The worst of all is that the
 demean Africa and defame Africa. They are more than curse to Africa.
let us ask the brainwashed dead brains what Africa has benefitted from them.
here forums were created, while Lebanese , Indians And Pakistanis in Diaspora have transferred funds and knowhow to their root, Africans continue
to degrade their people. When one speaks out it is all insult.
Weigh the quantity of insults that have been going on around in the Africa forum and you will see how useless their going abroad has been to the continent.
Africans boast of high level medical doctors in the US while Pakistanis take care of the health back home in Africa.
Urhobo people say "Igho nyegbeyan" Money miss road is the nickname of Africans who went abroad to study.
The worst quality of Africans are found in this forum. What a shame. Majority are just nonentity, nothing to offer except insulting other.
Than God, they are in Diaspora and will remain there while people at home struggle to move on." --

By Otitigbe."


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