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Famous Quotation by Edo/African Historians, Philosophers, Scholars and Politicians in History

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Best Quotations Of The Season By Nigerians on various internet forums // @ 2012

(1) "The viewpoint that “Africans” enslaved “Africans” is obfuscating if not troubling. The deployment of “African” in African history tends to coalesce into obscurantist constructions of identities that allow scholars, for instance, to subtly call into question the humanity of “all” Africans. Whenever Asante rulers sold non-Asantes into slavery, they did not construct it in terms of Africans selling fellow Africans. They saw the victims for what they were, for instance, as Akuapems, without categorizing them as fellow Africans. Equally, when Christian Scandinavians and Russians sold war captives to the Islamic people of the Abbasid Empire, they didn’t think that they were placing fellow Europeans into slavery. This lazy categorizing homogenizes Africans and has become a part of the methodology of African history; not surprisingly, the Western media’s cottage industry on Africa has tapped into it to frame Africans in inchoate generalities allowing the media to describe local crisis in one African state as “African” problem." - Dr. Akurang-Parry, Ending the Slavery Blame

(2) "FACT: Crude oil is associated with many regional and factional crisis because of the huge income it generates. Ever since we discovered oil in Nigeria, we have waved good bye to the once foreign-exchange earner foor the country which was Agriculture. Now we are spending the oil money on food, clothes, diesel, fuel, house-hold items, cars etc. Whereas we are still mocking ourselves by branding our shameless country as GIANTS, yes we are giants of corruption, such a shame that we have to be tutored by GHANA. The Age of Menthuselah cannot equal the WISDOM of Solomon. And so I ask, if OIL dries up today, shall we not run our country again? Shall we not go back to other means of sustaining this doomed failed country called NIGERIA?? Let vibrant minds analyse this issue with me. Agriculture is the Future, Let's bring it back as our Revered culture....!!!!" - Pauly Okpere (via Edo political forum on facebook -30/07/2012)

(3) "EDO SOUTH AND THE CHALLENGE OF THE CENTURY.: During the governorship elections in Edo State I was opportune to tour the 192 local government areas with Chief Solomon Iyobosa Edebiri campaign organisation. The developmental challenge of Edo South is mind bugging. The poor state of infrastructure and the way our people still leave in Edo South is very primitive ancient. The challenges posed by the lack of development can be attacked head on by the traditional, religious, political and academic leadership of Edo South. For example if you take a look at Edo South apart from Benin City, we do not have any other economic centres. We can start right now by setting up machineries to bring places like Ehor, Iguobazuwa, Okada, Ugbogwi, Siluko, Udo, Ologbo, Evbueghae, Evbuesi, Uronigbe, Ugo, Umokhun-Nokua and Ekiadolo. How can we encourage urban rural drift. Your ideas must be practical and put into considerations our political and economic reality." - Osbert Agho (via Edo political forum on facebook -29/07/2012)


(4) "Edo men are very strong. They are nowhere near being weak however there is the perception that our men are weak because our men are not moving the state forward like our contemporaries in other Nigerian states DUE TO DISUNITY.The reason is not far fetched. Edo men spend their time and energy fighting each other, dissipating that valuable energy needed for creativity, planning, and execution and making progress in the community. Edo men expend so much energy in not forgiving each other. In Edo everyone one wants to be a King but they have forgotten that God in His wisdom did not create it that way. God has created leaders amongst His people hence as young as Barack Obama is, he is the President of the United States but Edo people are obsessed with age leadership. Edo men and women spend so much time in overtly and covertly undercutting each other hence progress is difficult and sometimes no progress at all. People blame the course of Oba Ewuare but I can confidently say that no curse is on our people but lack of humility, lack of unity and followership, lack of ability to forgive and forget wrongs and too much retaliation ogha ru mwen, ivbe rue’" -- DR SEO Ogbonmwan:


(5) "Anytime you give what you perceive is less than your best, in reality, you are giving your best; you aren't any better, and couldn't have been better. That "I could've, would've" moment is lost forever, never to return. By inference, your society is the sum total of everyone's best - however bad it may be. Nigeria for instance is the best it can be today. The killings, muggings, kidnappings on one hand interlaced with the fraud, cheating, deprivation, nepotism, tribalism and general emasculation of body, mind and soul is counterbalanced by the sheer excellence of a few pockets of individuals and groups; but alas, when evened out, it all comes to what you see today - a badly maladjusted country in need of more conscious choices and pledges for all to give their best. It is in this that America thrives: the ability not only to give - but to better its best at all times. So what are you giving today? What did you give at work? 10%, 50%,100%? What did you give at home? 5%, 60%, 100%? Who are you throwing-up politically to lead you? Your bottom 5%? Top 5%? If you perceive what you are giving isn’t your best, then pledge to give your best tomorrow. Do it for yourself, your community and your country. This is where the change begins. Food for thought!" - Ike Charles Okwuobi (via Edo Nation yahoo groups -28/07/2012)

(6) “CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU RECK YOURSELF !!! Its not always down to WITCHCRAFT or ENEMIES TROUBLING ONE'S LIFE AND DESTINY, an individual's character- habits, behaviour, methods of dealing/doing thing says alot. As human beings we tend looking around quickly LABELING the sources of our fears and worries instead of WITHIN.... INTERNALLY. These re COMMONLY REFFERED to as INTERNAL ENEMIES but are BEST IDENTIFIED as PERSONAL WEAKNESSES. Allow me throw some light if you re unable to digest my posting so far. When there are internal self-aquired enemies in one's life they do give room for EXTERNAL FORCES to operate and this in return weakens one's life and indeed killing that life gradually. Here are a few:- Pride, lust, anger, jealousy/envy/strife/bitterness, selfish, the desire to rich over night (not through honesty). more behavioural atitudes includes procasting, laziness, dirtiness (includes being filthy, unclean and dishonest too-physically and spiritually) and lateness (includes the so-called glorified African time atitude of dilly-dallying, shilly-shallying). Attention seeking habits, troublemaking, show-offs, copycats, blatant liars including 419ers, imposters isnt a lifestyle or method of fulfilling life but a wicked enemy operating from within. Finally, we must stop BOASTING of our so-called PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT we've so far attained in life instead but must remain humble” – Sharon Ize-iyamu (culled from "Ivbie Edo Nuzomo" facebook forum 25-07-2012)

(7) "If we are only for ourselves what are our lives for? Make a difference; make the world a better place" "We should do what is right by preserving the future of our children by making a national sacrifice today for a better tomorrow." - Dr Steven Ogbomwan (via Edo global yahoo groups January 2011)


(8) "MTN came to Nigeria at a time when nobody wanted to invest in Nigeria, at a time when Nigerians did not have phones. Even Zenith Bank refused to lend MTN cash to operate, UBA rejected MTN’s offer - but today see the difference. Millions of Nigerians, and Africans have cell phones and many use MTN! And, we all know the story of the only civilian unelected President in Nigeria - Goodluck Jonathan. We know how people said he was not going to be President, they even made him acting President. Today the rest is history! What about Cowbell? When they came to Nigeria, they made milk in a sachet. Peak laughed at them - they said Cowbell was milk for the poor and they were right! 3 million poor people could afford N10 a day for a sachet of milk. Do the math - 3 million people buying milk at N10.00- that was N30million every single day. In a month they grossed N900million (almost N1billion). Even Peak have had to make sachet milk in order to survive in the market.So what have people told you? What have they said you cannot do, that you are not qualified to do, or for that matter do not have the experience to do? They told Cowbell, they told Goodluck, they told MTN, but today the story has changed. Success is not about where you graduated from, but what graduates from you! Keep the spirit!" - Don Federico (Culled from EPF facebook) 


(9) BE POSITIVE ABOUT NIGERIA: "One of the most unsettling manifestations of our disappointment and frustration with the government at all levels in Nigeria and the state of our national affairs is the extreme Nigeria-bashing and self-loathing by Nigerians. There is hardly any discussion on any topic and in any broadcast medium that you don't read the bile and negativity being spewed out by Nigerians about Nigeria. This malady appears more prevalent with Nigerians living abroad. Some are clearly out of touch with the reality of life at home and seem to take perverted pleasure in deriding our country at every opportunity on the internet. Some of them do so as some kind of psychological therapy to justify and rationalise their continued stay abroad and their fear of coming back to Nigeria. They eulogise western countries and conveniently forget that they too have gone through the very situation we are experiencing. It took patriotism and hard-work to build those countries. We can do it for Nigeria too! While we must not deny our problems, we must express our love for Nigeria and speak positively about our national aspirations. And, more importantly, we must play our part as individuals in our own corner to build the kind of society we desire: a nation where peace, truth, justice and prosperity reign." - Eghes Eyieyien

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