A) Suggested Projects Of GBO Organisation Published On GBO Website

15th of April, 2018

“Projects includes:

(1) Building skills and educational supports
(2) Sponsor a Radio/TV station
(3) Build a standard GBO secretariat in Benin City
(4) Sponsor members for training
(5) Organise inter sports and quiz competitions
(6) Participate and invest on economic utilities of Great Benin cultural festivals

(7) Sponsor science innovative projects

(8) GBO Worldwide Magazine

(9) Sport Activities and Competitions

(10) Tourism”

 read at http://greatbeninorigins.com/projects


B) GBO Constitution Article 2 No 2 Approved On

9th Of June 2018.

“2. It is a socio- cultural organization that embraces unity, development and intercultural integration among members of the Great Benin Kingdom before 1897. This shall involve Exchange of programs, lectures, sport activities, competitions, tourism, intercultural festivals, arts and science innovative projects and investments in Nigeria and in diaspora ”


C) Letter To The Executive Governor Of Edo State Presented By Engr. Isaac Igbinosun On

12th Of July 2018

“GBO intend to:

1. Assist in the sponsorship of Edo culture and language competitions, organise quiz and awards amongst primary and secondary schools across the state to promote Edo culture and tradition.”


D) Papers Presented To GBO Before

9th of June 2018:

  1. Dr. Martha Osuyi – GBO Medical Mission  read athttp://greatbeninorigins.com/gbo-medical-mission
  2. Ifueko Ukponmwan – GBO Tourism And Travels – read athttp://greatbeninorigins.com/gbo-tourism-and-travels-investment 
  3. Nosa Uwaila – Prevention Of Opioid Addiction  read athttp://greatbeninorigins.com/prevention-of-opioid-addiction-among-i...
  4. Other Papers, Ideas And Presentations By Various Contributors :From Victor Osazuwa, Prof Alex Igbineweka, Lucky Aghahowa, Deborah Gbajumo, Christopher Enogieru, Ose Oshodi, and more form Diva Ukponmwan and Nosa Uwaila – read at http://greatbeninorigins.com/others

E) Jessica presentation or suggested competition submitted to GBO executive council on 20th of July 2018 by Derby I ohonbamu – The Oba Eweka II Arts Competition

 read at


F) Gbo Secondary School Competition Presented For Gbo First Activities 2019 For Discussion And Approval Be The Executive Council –

read at http://greatbeninorigins.com/gbo-secondary-school-cultural-competit...



  1. Looking at THE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER OF presentations of what GBO stand for and intend to do, its clear gbo have being on the idea of organising competitions, programs, and activities like secondary cultural competitions to promote Edo culture and tradition which are gbo organisation basic aim and not simply Jessica’s idea as claimed that she was the originator of organising competition.
  2. Jessica suggestion presented on E) ABOVE was “The Oba Eweka II Arts Competition” and not all secondary school competition GBO planned to organise in febuary 2019.
  3. Is organising competition a monopoly activity?
  4. All ideas brought to GBO organisation is for Gbo to decide, organise as its suit the organisation and sponsorship.


Uwagboe Ogieva

GBO Secreatary

On behalf of GBO Organisation Worldwide.

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Replies to This Discussion


Good afternoon My Great Benin Origin.
Lamogun Eniwanren.

Come to think of all these things, think of all our handwork, all our efforts, all our knowledge, all our wisdom, all our grades, all our products, all our achievements, all our PHD, Master degrees..., all "is my ideal or ideas", all our cultures, all our businesses, all our donations, all our giving and gifts, all our contributions, all our "I know it all" all our speeches and writings... Without all these nine things which leads to a successful happy life and success, happiness and joy, love and peace. Which is nine things, which each and individual has to practice as a person to be able to rule others or give others your culture or our cultures and traditions are these: The Nine things: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, Gentleness and Self-control.

If you are a GBO, you are equally a leader, you are equally a good example, you are equally a standing mirror because all our reasons here is to show our faith, which is faithfulness. To show our peace, which is peacefulness. To show our Love, our kindness, our joy, our dignity, our Gentleness... And our long-suffering which is endurance.... So on and so forth. Your idea might not be accepted today does not mean it will not be accepted tomorrow if really its good one. "Because person not fit run pass E age". We are one. We have all the same idea together and tomorrow many are still coming because will are just climbing up. Many adjustments, many corrections, many teachings, many highlights and highligtment... So we should love each other and be patience with each other. We will get it all right with all our beautiful hearts and "TRUST" and doing things "RIGHT."

There are only just two things holding us now. To move on together smoothly but with time and Osa n'udazi on our side, we will get it all done as soon as possible.

Who owns ideas!! Whose idea!! Eyea!!! I shook my head bec this the same thing our governors are showing, and some of our wicked fathers who eventually went to their grave with their so called idea. I am very deaf to this ideas and my ideas is my idea is I idea is she he her it wood skeleton ideas...
This a collectorate of all ideas to combined to one.

Eyea! What is GBO??? All the time I personally ask what is the meaning of GBO? What are our aims?
Hmm!! GBO is not one person. And not two persons but a collective of different people to be in one uniform.
I think so therefore, one person cannot bring his or her idea and want GBO to assign his or her name to it. In whose money, in whose promotions, or donations!!!? Let me be clear with this, I bring an idea and I will say is my idea, I brought it to GBO to publish it or do it and I later called it my idea??? Whose intelligence am are using, whose effort am I using? Or donations? Strength, time, labours....

If I have an idea and is my idea, I should better do my idea. And not GBO will do it and I will be there saying is my idea... It does not sound to me good or I know what is GBO!!!

GBO is a colletive effort of many people many persons many labours many thinking many minds many works for we all to deliver the best of our individuality to the society our great state. I will therefore beg every man and woman that this My idea your idea I brought the idea should stop. Not to be like we are not one body. One GBO.

You bringing an idea we appreciate you, and even many have also the same ideas bug than that of yours too, we appreciate them but who to carry it out is our body name GBO. As for me, an idea brought out to GBO and GBO accepted it and elaboratedon it and use all the human effort to bring it to work or function is "GBO IDEA." Gbam. There is no two laws about it. Either the idea sink to the grave don't bring it out. But if you bring it out is to better the promotion of GBO and why you are a member of GBO

Uwagboe Ogieva : Please I want to sincere appeal to every one in this forum to stop using my name to score cheap excuses...

I have no idea whatever that I uwagboe Ogieva is stealing idea.

All I do here is just for the progress of this organisation and nothing personal.

am not a man who is looking for unnecessary pride and ego.

if bringing or sending the idea of gbo organising secondary school cultural competition translate i uwagboe stole jessical and derby i ohonbamu idea. pls forgive my error and cancil all my post in respect.

I hereby say sorry to who ever think i uwagboe offend by posting such for deliberations.

please delete that post of gbo secondary school competition.

thank you all



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