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The attention of the Government of Edo State has been drawn to an advertisement at page 22 of the Vanguard Newspaper of Tuesday 14th November, 2017 which purports to “congratulate one Godwin Oguyenbo on his “coronation” as “Pere of Olodiama Kingdom” in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State.

This egregiously abominable and sacrilegious pronouncement constitutes an unprecedented affront to the long settled culture, traditions and norms of our people.

Government is of the view that the claim of such a non-existent title in a non-existent Community under any guise is a clear and pre-meditated breach of our Laws particularly the Traditional Rulers and Chiefs Law of Edo State which said Law sets out the list of all recognised Traditional Rulers and Chiefs in Edo State.

The said Law further makes it a criminal offence for any person to recognise or purport to install any person as a Traditional Ruler except as provided for under the Law and in fact makes it an offence for any unqualified person to present or permit himself to be so addressed.

The Government takes the view that this act is intended to precipitate strife and contestation leading inevitably to the breakdown of Law and Order in our dear State.

In the light of the foregoing, Mr. Governor has issued clear directives to the Law Enforcement and Prosecutorial Agencies as follows: -

(i) To take all steps to immediately abort the proposed or purported “coronation” anywhere within Edo State on the date proposed or on any other date whatsoever.

(ii) Effect the immediate arrest and prosecution of all persons involved in the said “coronation” either as beneficiary, participant or sponsor, to the full extent of all extant Laws.

The Government and people of Edo State have always projected a peaceful and welcoming disposition to all persons living within its boundaries.

The Government will however not tolerate actions and pronouncements which seek to abuse the hospitality which our Land offers.

Let it be clearly noted that this Government will take all necessary steps to preserve our peace, enforce our Laws and defend our revered institutions. All those who intend to test the resolve of Government in this regard should be assured of the certainty that swift and severe sanctions will be the natural consequence of their unlawful acts.

Government calls on all citizens and or residents of the State, while remaining peaceful and Law abiding, to report all actual or potential breaches of the peace to the nearest Law Enforcement Agencies.

Osarodion Ogie, Esq.,
Secretary to the Edo State Government

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Imasuen Amowie Izoduwa

We should be assured that he wasn't crown yesterday as speculated. There were two armed Tank in Ikoro yesterday, instead they now said they were performing Egbesu festival, if you check the pictures provided yesterday, why didn't they show the crown on his head and his throne. Presently the idiot is on the run, pere of gbaramatu shud be ready for the problem he has caused, we are coming for his head soon. In the press briefing this afternoon in Oba palace lead by Iyase, you need to see the population and the anger in our countenance, our fathers had to calm us down that the present situation will be heavily prosecuted and the perpetrators of the abomination will all be brought to book.

Imasuen Amowie Izoduwa Breaking News: The so called hooligan that they said was crowned was never crowned, he is presently on the run and the palatial palace built has been seized and is already being proposed as the residence of the Odionwere of Ikoro. Himself and his cohorts are presently being hunt down for. We are not Ondo people. For more details contact Osazee Amas-Edobor


That Gelegele is a Bini community is a long settled issue. There are established, verifiable administrative inquiries by the then Midwest State Government and judgments from the High Court up to the Supreme Court in Lagos giving authority and power to the Binis over the land occupied by our forbears for centuries. Our claim to Gelegele and environs is neither fictional nor adventurous. The area was incontrovertibly founded by a Bini

Prince Ekaladerhan who escaped a royal death decree over 10 centuries ago particularly Ughoton Princess Kobe from Ughoton founded Gelegele after previous attempts to inhabit the swampy terrain failed the name Gelegele derived from the exclamation: “Gelegele emwan khian evbo” Our investigation showed that the first Ijaw man from undoubted history to setle in Gelegele was one Feti who suffered a misadventure in the near sea where torrential waves swept away his makeshift .home about 100 years ago.
He obtained permission from one Okunseri, the then priest of Ughoton, to settle there under traditional oath of allegiance. As time went on the Ijaw population in Gelegele grew but continually paid homage to the Binis nay the Oba of Benin, through Ughoton until late Oba Akenzua II, CMG, stopped them.

However, in 1969 the Ijaw who had prior knowledge of oil discovery in the land, rose against the authority which erupted in a crisis at a time a Bini man, one Ogbeifun Egharevba was Odionwere of Gelegele. An administrative inquiry was setup by the then Midwest State Government of Brigadier-General Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia, headed by one Mr. S. Jamgbadi, a Senior
District Officer and sat at Ekehuan. A report was issued in 1970, and we quote inter-alia: “It is however established that the Ijaws have been resident in Gelegele for many years and that during these years they have acquired landed property and cultivated farms; but from the facts in evidence they qualify as TENANTS on the land - their-long period of occupation notwithstanding.
The matter went through the High Court of Justice and Federal Court of Appeal in Benin and the Supreme Court -in Lagos.
The Binis secured victory all the way. The following suit numbers are material evidences to buttress our claim to the land at Gelegele
and environs

1. High Court of Justice, Benin Judgment delivered on the 22nd December 1978 by .Justice. Ekeruche J in Suit No. B/I44/1970.
2. Federal Court of Appeal judgment delivered on the 16th December1981 by Abdul Ganiy Olatunji· Agbaja and 2 others in
Suit No. FCA/B/82/80.
3. Supreme Court unanimous Judgment delivered on the 19th ‘August 1983 by Muhamedu Lawai Uwais, former Chief Justice of the Federation and 4 others in Suit No. SC.131/1982.
Ijaws are only settlers on Benin land and have no legal, moral or historical support for their claims to be owners of where they find themselves


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