By Uwagboe Ogieva

08 June, 2013

Was told that the Benin Empire -in precolonial and postcolonial Kingdom of Africa, killed human for sacrifies BUT yet to read any account of any family who lost their love ones in those incident. Not even the literate Europeans who have documented a lot about Benin and Africa have it in account of a family or persons with report that any of the love ones were killed or sacrifies as human sacrifies of any kind, no record of any human genocide or mass grave of human scores ALL FOR THE SAKE OF TRADITIONAL SPIRITUALLITY from their first encounter with the GREAT BENIN EMPIRE 1485.  It is true that Christianity and Christians commited atrocities and genocide in history: facts with documented to any where near nation of African traditional beleifs : see . Here are some Edo deities aware of and still insearch of which, humans were use as a sacrifies offering at any giving point in time with historical facts and findings : . I think too much have be exaggarated about the African Trado-Spiritual Practice, expecially that of the Great Benin Empire of West Africa- Nigeria

True every culture, tradition and civilization have own do's and don't. Culture and traditions undergo changes and modifications as humans expand their knowledge and boundries. Societies have their own moral excellence and decadence. yes, we now have internet, science and technology at his height. There were days Africans had their isolation, limited knowledge about issues and events compared to today's way of live and human relations. ALL BUT HAPPENS WITH TIME. 


(1) Without CHRISTIANITY Africans evolution would have still happen in a new dimension BUT BETTER than mental enslavement to European/American / Arab culture they have now. Education still would have taking a different shape BUT BETTER than mental enslavement to European/American/Arab now. Africans already had inter trade and integration across boarders, sofisticated in politics, human administration, spiritually concerntrated and creative technology BEFORE anything call western culture and religion steped in. Great Benin infact have already being trading with portuguese and other interboarder communities in Agro products BEFORE anything call human exportation was ever existed. Africans spirituality wasn't that of a fanatize deity nor a conquer the world mentality but of self suficient, relating with nature and a simple interpretation of the cosmos. The reason they absolved foreigners with an open hand, as if all humans are same and igual.

(A mistake they leave to regret till date, because major reason every other human race step on them and enslave them. Same reason Christianity and Islam was not opposed nor refused, unlike the Asia, Japanese, China, etc).To Understand these, you need know more about pre-colonial Africa and I recommend Cheik Antha diop(A senegalese) - Pre-colonial Africa (I have read the Book). Again a Book by Ukali Johnson(an African America) - FROM SANFRANCISCO TO BENIN CITY. The issue here is not whether African never have their socio vices, ethnic discrimination among Africans(that still exist till today), Female motulation, killing of twins, breast ironing in cameroon, discrimination of Albinos, maltreatment of disabled, abuse of witchcraft, misuse and and falsification of trado-medicine and herbalism, polygamy, first son inheritance, etc, but INSPITE OF ALL THESE, THEY HAD A MORE PEACEFUL, ORGANISED AND CIVILIZED NATIONS AND COMMUNITIES compare to the mistery and confusion that exist today. Most of these socio vices wasn't a criterial to celebrate and adorn any deity. That some people took to the extreme of killing human to appeals their gods do not or can never clasify ALL AFRICAN DEITY AND CONSCIOUNESS AS WRONG OR GUITY OF SUCH abuse.

The truth is, there is a lot of good and precious knowledge and practise of the AFRICAN TRADITION SPIRITUALITY THAT NEITHER THE CHRISTIANS/CHRISTIANITY/BIBLE AND MUSLIMS/ISLAM/KORAN allowed the space to grow and geminate fruits BUT WERE destroyed, keep destroying and demonizing till date.

This should be fought and RESCUED if the AFRICAN SOUL must live among human in today WORLD AND CONSCIOUNESS to future generations. Why the importance of African culture, language, history and spirituality?

(2) African concept of slave is and was DIFFERENT from what EURO-ARAB made of ARAB SLAVE TRADE AND TRANS-ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE. this was better explained in the book i recommend above by cheik antha diop.

(3) of course the inter ralations of the African world with the Europeans, Asias and Arabs also had her positive exchange vise visa. inbtw was one with on open mind and the other with a theif mind. The African world of today have more to show of that mental, cultural and religious COLONIZATION, INDUCTRINATION and GENOCIDE


Uwagboe Ogieva is a prolific, freelance writer and activist. A program analyst based in Barcelona. Spain. Author and publisher of various articles and journals working with yawewe magazine, bykem,, and other publishing companies.Dirrector Edo language research and development program, chair person-Edo language for all vision 2020.

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They were disappointed when they found only animal sacrifice depicted in Great Benin Ancestral artifacts, non depicted human sacrifice which is why the invaders started making propaganda sketches to blackmail Great Benin.
We know those who were involved in cannibalism, human sacrifice and selling their people enmass into slavery as they still practice them till date.
Great Benin tried its best to bring civilization, discipline and sanity to this part of the world by helping to organize most tribes around us with law and order in a Monarchical setting but ever since many connived with the invaders, we can see the kind of corrupt and barbaric country they've created since 1897 when Benin stepped aside and became an Observer in their new Nation Nigeria where no African man is respected due to corruption, terrorism, kidnapping, indiscipline, nepotism, and all kinds of evils that shouldn't be associated with our people.
If ones population is a yardstick for leadership, the sheep would have been in charge of leading the shepherd as they are more in numbers.
by Edugie Aibuedefe


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