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Why Attractive People Can’t Find A Partner

People think if you’re attractive,
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These violence against women go on in Nigeria

Women suffer in silence and go
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Men should show sensitivity


Edonaze website was created
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Celebrating Igue African Festival

Christians have CHRISTMAS,
Muslims have FEAST OF RAMADAN,
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Observe Igbo-Bini language,
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For the past two weeks, I have been traveling accross Edo State from Central to Edo North. I can tell you that Orhionmwon is the most under-develop local Government Area I have seen.

Commercial activities in Orhionmwon is dead, while it's flourishing at its high level in other local Government Area who are far away from Benin City, hotels and several businesses flourishing, all local government is a city, there is light, good road and houses, the system is working.

In Agenebode the hotel I wanted to stay I love the place, I ask the price for a night, I was told their room start from N15 - 60k, in Uromi it's beautiful, development there is competitiing with GRA in Benin there is 7 story building in Uromi and mansions everywhere. Powerful duplexes and Mordern day building befitting Mordern Cities.

I move from, Ekpoma, Igueben, Uromi, Ubiaja Irrua this Local Government is developing so fast that in few years to come they may over take Benin City now move to Edo north, Akoko Edo, Agenebode, fugar, Owan East and West are excellent the competition between Edo Central and Edo North is high and this is translating to rapid development in North and central.

Immediately we enter Orhionmwon through Abudu, things change, I guess you understand what I mean. It's was like BEDC took light and behold a dark clouds.

What is happening to us ? the Orhionmwon people. We need to redefine who we truly are, don't be decived, we are no match for any LGA in either Central or North, they have left us behind, the only develop LGA in Edo State is Oredo, Ikpoba okha Egor, part of Uhunwonde .

Orhionmwon is the worst Local Government I have seen, let's return home to draw up plans to develop our Local Government Area.

All our successful business men and women should return to add a mark to their place.

Political leaders who have tasted power and yet don't have beautiful home in their Village should be removed from his leadership role, if all our leaders should build Mordern houses in their Villages soon others will join them.

The idea of holding Orhionmwon Political meetings in in oredo and Ikpoba okha should stop.

If we cannot build our local Government Area who else will build it for us.

I want to salute all the Political leaders who have started by building beautiful houses in Orhionmwon, it's a starting point, let's call our sons and daughters back home, let's there be a town hall meeting, lets encourage them by creating new quarter/ layouts accross Communities, allocate land out to them who are serious and have the financial strength to build Mordern homes, we must reduced the mud houses now, those mud houses was built many years ago by our fathers, we the children should make a mark lets build new Mordern houses to replace the mud houses.

Let's government attract or relocate arms of ministry/ Agency to various Local Government.

Government should Create a development Council Area to increase government presence in Orhionmwon this should be handle by agency.

That is:
1. Orhionmwon East
2. Orhionmwon South

Development Area should include:


With time those could translate into new local Government Area recongnise by Federal Government. Since we miss our earlier chances of creating Local Government Area when the opportunity was there to do so.

Let government bring arms of some important ministries to Orhionmwon, let the state school have campuses in Orhionmwon.

Let work with Government to pressured some new company entering Orhionmwon Local Government Area now to attract light to the local Government.

For example in Owan west LGA, all the ministries in Benin City have their offices also there. These have assist the local Government and also bring government closes to the people.

Above all, we the indigenes of Orhionmwon should love ourselves, there is so much jealousy, hatred and bitterness in the mind of our brothers against our follow brothers in Orhionmwon, this is the beginning of setback to our community and Local Government. This is why people run far away from home, we don't love ourselves, we harbour so much jealousy in our mind. Example, If a small window of opportunity is open, the 1000 of us will want to pass through it same time, at the end none will pass through it the opportunity will be close forgetting that, if we allow one after the other soon everyone will gain and be successful. Another problem is some few with good conscience may give opportunity to their brother, but immediately he passes through the window, the Orhionmwon brother will quickly shut the window, thereby preventing those who allow him to go first the opportunity, he will want him alone to remain the highest and every other should seek him if the window can be open again.

Don't always forget, a tree can never make a forest, stop that attitude it's evil and it attract setback to the local Government and your Communities

Orhionmwon cannot be so empty and backward yet we call ourselves Great.... Are we actually great as we assumed ourselves to be ?

I put it to you, clearly that, Orhionmwon cannot match any local Government Area in both Edo Central and Edo North.

We the youth need to re plan Orhionmwon and turn it into construction site for a Mordern City Project...

Let reach out to investors and partners, let's join hands together to push this move, let's change our mindset and orientation let's join hand together to transform our villages or Communities and local Government into a Mordern City. We can do it.

Best Regards

Moses Igharo

Evbo'Ivbiohon Community Iyoba Ward Orhionmwon Local Government Area Edo State.

Whatapp only:


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Replies to This Discussion

Sir, the problems lied with the leadership that has been In place in that local government area. We have had a lot backward thinking LG Chairmen both the past and present who lacks seriously ideas. But to swindle the allocation of the LGA into their private pockets, while their beneficiaries continues to sing their praise's.

I once made this assertion some time ago on this platform and the response back lash and insults.

It's is heart broken to see a local government secretariat on an ever bushy Benin-Asaba/Onitsha express way that was built over 45yrs ago looking like a cassava milling house  is still standing without no single improvement.

Sometimes, I wonder the categories of men working in that secretariate and parading themselves as consellors and LG Chairmen. I don't know if they're blind or they are from the bush. At least some of travel to big cities in Nigeria even if they've not gone abroad.

Having a befitting LG secretariat and a wonderful well designed fence at the current location will not cost more than a hundred million for heaven sake.

Let start with a complete development of of the LG secretariat, an establishment of a mechanized farming system for cassava, plantain plantation, yam storage facility of a world class rating. This will encourage the idol Orhionmwon youths (Igbama) roaming around in Upper through training and loans for establishment (Starter packs).

By PPPPPaul Ekhator

I swear, this Orhionmwon LG is the worst LGA in Nigeria and each time one enters that area one use have a feeling of witchcraft, where as it's not so but the rate of poverty the smells there.

Until we stop running from home and bringing development back home.

Until start to love ourselves and the people and stop thinking of halting each other with fetch meanings.

Until we stop swindling and converting our brothers and sisters hard earned money sent back home to our own we will not move forward.

Until we stop the stupendous migration to Europe and America when they have no meaningful engagement abroad but to subject themselves to self slavery. Foreign elements will continue to take over our lands, villages and communities.

Until we governan with a mindset for development (Infrastructural), economic stimulus, sound educational systems with structures.

Until stop scaring people with fetish things and head bent at destroying others because of spiritual powers. We will not move forward.


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