Why Africans must forgive criminals when Babylon pursues the Nazis until today?

South Africa:

Why Africans must forgive criminals when Babylon pursues the Nazis until today?

Dilemma on parole a killer of apartheid

Eugene de Kock has confessed everything, repeatedly asked forgiveness helped solve the most sordid crimes of apartheid. But the new parole this former squadron leader of the secret police embarrasses and divides South Africa.

The decision rests with the Minister of Justice and South African Prisons, Michael Masutha is expected to announce Friday. The Special Committee on parole has already given the green light.

The former torturer Officer white regime after more than 20 years in prison and a model participation in the Truth and Reconciliation desired by former President Nelson Mandela, is eligible for more than seven years for conditional release.

It has already been rejected him twice, in a country where racial reconciliation remains difficult.

Whatever the decision on Friday, it will relaunch the debate on the crimes of the racist regime of the white minority.

For many of his compatriots, Eugene de Kock, 65, is the devil incarnate, author of unforgivable crimes - multiple killings, abductions, acts of torture.

Many times decorated, it was the head of the commando "Vlakplaas" special unit hunting down anti-apartheid activists, the name of the farm where the squadron tortured and executed, near Pretoria.

Before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, he confessed to over 100 crimes, describing precisely how the security services were acting under apartheid.

He was granted amnesty for most, including the destruction bomb ANC offices (African National Congress, the ruling party which belonged Nelson Mandela) in London in 1982.

But six murders mobile live policy was not proved, earned him two life sentences plus 212 years.

For others, De Kock is a scapegoat, an inmate symbolic but repentant atoning half a century of institutionalized racism and paying instead of all the horrors committed under apartheid leaders but never punished.

Its history has provided material for a play, "A Human Being Died That Night" (A human being died that night) Nicholas Wright, from the book of the psychologist who interviewed him in prison, Pumla Gobodo -Madikizela.

Friday will be the political power that will advise on what makes De Kock a monster under apartheid, on the part of humanity and sincerity of his remorse.

- Wild or Scapegoat? -

In July 2014, the last time parole was denied, the Minister stated that Masutha De Kock had "undoubtedly progress" in prison.

For the family of Moses Phemelo Nteheland, beaten and strangled Vlakplaas in 1989, De Kock remains "wild" that "should rot in jail," Victor Makoke estimated in December, the brother-Phemelo during the exhumation of remains of the latter, thrown into a hole on the border with Botswana.

De Kock was pardoned for the death of this "askari" (double agent), engaged primarily in the anti-apartheid armed struggle and captured and forced to cooperate with the police until his death.

"As human beings, we have a natural tendency to scapegoat," commented Mike Batley, director of the Center for Restorative Justice. "We seek a culprit and I think it's pretty much what is at stake here."

The argument was put forward by De Kock himself in his application for parole last year.

"I am the only member of the South African Police sentenced for the crimes I committed, as part of the efforts of the National Party (in power between 1948 and 1994) to maintain apartheid," he stressed .

He consistently claimed to have acted on the orders of superiors, raising the problem of responsibility of senior military and political hierarchy of apartheid.

"The context in which he committed his crimes is completely gone," insists Mr Batley. "Why are we kept in prison, is the key issue. »

"We carry this enormous burden of anger from the past. People find that the accounts of the past have not been resolved, "said Verne Harris, head of research at the Mandela Foundation.

Releasing De Kock require to remember those who have escaped justice. Do not release betray the ideal of the new South Africa.

"Our corporation is biting the bullet otherwise the consequences will be painful. If we now deviating from the law because of all this rage, this could happen again, and then it will be included in manners, "said Harris.

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