"At 3 a.m. on August 9, 1967, a mobilized division of Biafran soldiers under General Victor Banjo crossed the River Niger Bridge at Onitsha and entered Asaba. When the Biafrans reached Agbor they split up, the Biafran 12th Battalion under Lt. Col. Festus Akagha began moving north-west to Benin City , the 18th Battalion under Major Humphrey Chukwuka made its way into the oil-rich Niger Delta , and the 13th Battalion under Col. Mike Inveso swung northwards towards Auchi . Benin City was captured with little opposition as Biafran soldiers fired their weapons into the air upon entering the city. The 13th Battalion established control over Auchi and Agenebode while also capturing the towns of
Okene , Atani , and Iloshi, indiscriminately shooting civilians in the process." -  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midwest_Invasion_of_1967 


" Blood sucking demons. Selfish and greedy cowards. Who won't be cautious of them after what they did to Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro. Who would want an alliance with such people. Who after entering a town in which they net no resistance started killing innocent unarmed civilians. The minorities in the Mid West were never anti Biafra until their land was invaded. In fact minorities in that area looked forward to hearing the well polished Oxford trained Ojukwu`s voice on radio broadcast, however all this changed when, without any warning Biafran troops invaded their land and not only doing that, but setting up an oppressive government and killing anyone that they felt was against the succession. Minorities in that region never intended to secede with Biafra but clamoured for its own separate state in the community of the Nigerian nation. Biafra on the other hand strategically invaded this region on the presumption that they will be welcomed with open hands. Biafran troops could have helped themselves better by being fair and kind to the host. The reports of extortions, executions and rapes did not help matters when the countering Federal army began pushing Biafrans back into the East and while the retreating soldiers were shooting at anything that moves, any slight advantage given to minorities on killing Ibos were taken with welcomed pleasure of revenge." - Osakue Cypher

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