Black Race & The Rest Of The World

Top 10 Countries With The Highest Black Population Outside Africa!!

10. Trinidad and Tobago

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Black Population 1,200,000+

Africans came to Cuba during the sixteenth and seventeenth century when the country was a Spanish colony.

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9. United Kingdom

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Black Population 1,900,000+

They say the black population is better educated than the white population there, 27% of the black population has had at least some college education compared to 13% of the white population.

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8. Venezuela

Black Population 2,600,000+

venezuela-86231_1280 11 Countries with Highest Black Population outside Africa

7. Jamaica

Black Population 2,900,000+

Jamaica is one of the few countries on our list in which black population represents the majority of the population.

The first black slaves brought to Jamaica did not come directly from Africa but were either Africans, or the descendants of Africans, who had been enslaved for a time in Spain.

6. Colombia

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Black Population 4,800,000+

Out of Colombia’s 48,000,000 population, about 10% is black.

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5. France

Black Population 5,000,000+

Blacks living in France have an African or Caribbean origin.

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4. Dominican Republic

Black Population 7,800,000+

3. Haiti" alt="Image result for haiti flag" width="327" height="197"/>

Black Population 9,000,000+

95% of the Haitian population is black.  Haiti is the first country in the Western hemisphere to abolished slavery.

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2. United States

Black Population 45,000,000+

It is estimated that by 2060, black population in the US will reach 80 million.

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1. Brazil

Black Population 80,000,000+

With almost 80 million residents with African origins, Brazil ranks first on our list of the top 10 countries with highest black population outside Africa.

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