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 Aduwawa 34. Agedo 35. Ekiuwa 36. Evbumufi 37. Evbuomodu 38. Ighekpe 39. Iguehana 40. Ogbeson 41. Ohovbe 42. Otene s Camp 43. Urora, 44. (UHOHO) Ute 45. OKHA 46. OLOGBO 47. Ajoki 48. Akpe s Camp 49. Avbiama 50. Egbonodoka 51. Egun 53. Ekae 55. Ekosa 56. Erimona Camp 57. Erome 58. Evbomoma 59. Evbosa Ogheghe 60. Idogbo 61. Igbehimwan 62. Iyanomo 63. Ihinmwinrin 64. Ilegun 65. Imasabor 66. Ivbiugo Camp 67. Obadoloviyeyi 68. Obagie 69. Obagie Nevbosa 70. Obaretin 71. Obayantor 72. Obe 73. Obenevbugo 74. Ogbekpen 75. Ogheghe 76. Oghoghobi 77. Okabere 78. Okanaruovia 79. Okaniro 80. Okha 81. Okha Inland 82. Orogbo 83. Orhibanmu 84. Orogbo Camp 85. Uhie 86. Ukhirhi 87. Ukhirhi Nekhere 88. Umelu 89. Uroho 90. Utezi 91. Uwusan 92, Obah and Obazagbon.


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Comment by Osagie Uhunoma collins on January 18, 2018 at 12:58pm

You try

Comment by Jackson Ekorowiro Ise-Egheghe on March 21, 2013 at 11:22pm

You have done well naming all the camps and villages under Ikpoba-Okha, but Evboriaria Community is not here, Okanevboahire is not mentioned here too, and again some of the spellings - for instance, Evboamufi (Evbumufi 37), Ulegun (Ilegun 65). All the same, you have done well, more grease to your elbow. Long live Edo language! Long live Benin Kingdom!!!

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