Edo minority?? fraud from the pit of hell!! trying very hard to have a simple conversation with you guys... everyting I say here is back up with roboost evidence...Kehinde H. Thompson, i dont know where you stay or live or whether you grow up in Nigeria.. some poeple may take what I say as if i hate yorubas but NO. i have yoruba in-laws and cousins... sooooooooo much they did from during britian , colonialism and after the creation of Nigeria ,,, yourba own the whole Nigeria reparation ... their slave capturing mentality still here with them in Nigeria TILL DATE!..Edoighimioya Okporhu Uyiedoighiwi may be very unique in his contribution, yes, bros this is not to offend any one but what it is "yoruba commited the highest damage to the edo person, history, and culture , they still robbing and looting edo people their right, land, resources and position in nigeria! time to hit the nail on the head...the problem started from within and must be deal with from within say it the way it is..britain is no longer enslaving edo people but yoruba elites... discovery is recovery... again, see the worst fraud , crime in human history!! no oba of benin or any edoman among owners of oil blocks in nigeria and midwestern nigeria (great beninland) .. the reason they will do any thing to keep the true historica facts from edo people/ robbish edo monarch and women, disapprove major appointments of edo people in nigeria political and academic scene.. edo people have been held captive by the yoruba/hausa slaves to britain,, enough is enough!!! Yoruba elites are robbing many yorubas of their true self, history and family cause of political criminas..oduduwas are largely benin origin. so call yorubas today are mist and mest up. so many are not real yorubas as claimed or propagating.. many are related to the east/benin/deltas etc and not real yorubas.. real yorubas are not benins, they migrated from the the far west and north, basically settlers in Oyo.. yoruba history is a very simple one which slavery have the bigest portion.. the later composition of oduduwa., ife before Benin, Oyo empire all fabricate and to maintain their british inheritance called Nigeria (lugard cage). this are sacrid truth about yoruba people .. in Nigeria.
see - http://edonationsatelite.blogspot.com.es/2016/05/owners-of-oil-blocks-in-nigeria-2016.html

“You ave a point...but the truth be told....i went to Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) when Gaius Obaseki was the M.D of Nigerian Gas in Warri...in school then we had an Edo union with one Warri based businessman as a patron,who was also a good friend to Obaseki....during our I.T program,our patron took 3 of us to see Obaseki for him to place us in NGC for our I.T program. ...Obaseki's reply...I DON'T AVE THE POWER to place any body on I.T program. ...imagine a whole M.D
But in Warri refinery was another Bini man Engr Idahosa an old boy of ICC who was only a Director who pushed for 6 edo guys to get placement with Warri refinery for their one year I.T
when i finished,i worked briefly with Guinness Benin, it was an Esan man who was then then the HR mgr who got me the job because we were in same church..i remember when he took me to see the brewery manager also an Esan man who initially was refusing me because he was leaving the space for an Esan person..
My first job in the U.S was a warehouse job and I needed to learn how to use the forklift...luckily there was another Nigerian from Delta here who was a forklift operator....this is what he told me anytime he sees me near a forklift m ..DON'T WORRY WHEN I AVE TIME I WILL TEACH YOU...for 3weeks meanwhile i see him teaching others. ..it was my Mexican boss who trained me...it was later the Nigerian guy told me the truth...that he was scared if i know how to use the forklift. ..he might be fired.
The moral of this long story...unless we southerners learn to be united other trib

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