Owa Afrika

Why Attractive People Can’t Find A Partner

People think if you’re attractive,
you’ll naturally end up in a happy
long-term relationship

Owa Afrika

These Violence Against Women Go On

Women suffer in silence and go
into all manners of depression.
Men should show sensitivity


Edonaze website was created
for everybody to write Edo
as they speak it

Owa Afrika

Celebrating Igue African Festival

Christians have CHRISTMAS,
Muslims have FEAST OF RAMADAN,
and the Edos have IGUE

Owa Afrika

Igun Street in Benin City is a
UNESCO World Heritage Site
advance economic growth

Owa Afrika

Observe Igbo-Bini language,
you see there must had been sometime
in the past they existed as one

Isekhure and Pope

Benin Kingdom Visit Pope In Vatican

No religious knowledge or
practice is superior to the other
Isekhure of Benin said

Benin origin of man

Benin Origin Of Man Mythology

The idea of biological evolution
was around long before Darwin
Men should show sensitivity


Edo People And Unique Culture

Festivals and others should be
held in high esteem as this
is what has made Edo culture rich

Edo and akure

To Appreciate Role Of Edo-Akure

Many parts of modern Ondo
and Ekiti states were part
of the Great Benin Empire

Owa Afrika

Evidence Ancient Japanese Originated In Benin

This shouldn't be shocking question
All humans (Japanese) originated
in Africa from where they dispersed

Edo marriage

In Defence Of Edo Womanhood

Marriage in Edoland
When prostitutes appeared in Benin City
1940s and 1950s, most were Igbos speaking

Edo Film Industry

Edo Film like hollywood and bollywood

Edo movies have increase audience
in Edo language movies and commedy
in and outside Nigeria

Edo nation

Edo People And Unique Culture

Festivals and others should be
held in high esteem as this
is what has made Edo culture rich

Edo Civilization

Edo Civilization And History

The immediate Idu family that
could trace their ancestry to Pa Idu, grew
after hundreds and thousands of years

Edo and portugal

In About 1472, First Portuguese Came To Benin

Oba Esigie incorporated
into the palace rites, some of usages
of the Roman Catholic Church



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TWO TYPES OF PASTORSSome people rebuked me for writing that pastors are using God's name to fleece their parishioners. They argue that not all pastors are fraudulent. I agree with them; not all pastors are fraudsters.Actually, there are two categories of pastors. There are the delusional pastors, and there are the fraudulent pastors.The Delusional PastorsThe delusional…See More
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BY UWAGBOE OGIEVA , Africans Gods Vs Christianity vs Islam Neither Christianity nor Islam, Bible or Koran, Christians or Muslims are friends of African traditional religion. None of the Abraham religion does. These are clearly stated in the Holy Bible and The Koran The Bible: The Bible state that Christians should Kill Followers of Other Religions: "If your own full brother, or your son…See More
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No one is an ordinary person

*NO BODY IS AN ORDINARY PERSON IN LIFE*.Holandia yogurt Is Expensive, But It Does Not Quench Thirst, Like Ordinary Water.O'level(WASC/SSCE) is just an Ordinary certificate but without it you can't obtain a degree, Master's and PhD.That Thing Called ‘Ordinary’ Does Not Mean It Is Not Valuable. Water Might Be ‘Ordinary’, But Without It, There Is No Life.Value Ordinary…See More
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African / Black people fighting themselves over other people religion

AFRICANS AT HOME & ABROAD PLEASE PONDER THIS FOR A MINUTE :>The Christian apostle Paul wrote about 80% of the New Testament to spread the religion of his Jewish savior Jesus; 14 books {which are really letters} in total. Yet not one of those 14 letters was addressed to the African people!He wrote to the Roman people, he wrote 2 letters to the Corinthians people,…See More
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Happy birthday President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin – the Peacemaker

Happy birthday President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin – the Peacemaker!To the gullible, uninformed, ill-informed, misinformed, disinformed, and those suffering from MSM indoctrination (choose the category you belong to Lol), you’re an aggre/ssor, and a bul/ly. But in reality, you’re a peacemaker, the defender of the oppressed, world balancer and above all, the torme/ntor…See More
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At 5:51pm on February 9, 2022, Universal Divine Being Isis said…

The Cross Christians must brake [must read]

Thank you for all the truth you share.

Divine respect.

At 11:16pm on August 31, 2013, Abiemwense Igbinomwanhia said…
I appreciate ur work in promoting edo culture.Nice work
At 9:49am on July 6, 2013, andrea bozzi said…

i would like to see also some south african and tanzanian ning websites

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