The grand CONSPIRACY against Benin

1. In 1897, Britain invaded Benin and stole whatever treasures they could lay their hands on because Benin refused some British troops entry visas to Benin and some lost their lives because they entered Benin illegally without entry visas after they were warned not to.

2. In 1900, Britain created Southern Nigeria protectorate at the centenary of the invasion of Benin Kingdom while Oba Ovonramwen was still in British Kidnappers den in Calabar merging Benin empire, Oyo empire, South Eastern Igbos and Calabar in the new Protectorate.

3. In 1914, Oba Ovonramwen joined our Ancestors and Britain amalgamated Southern and Northern protectorates to become the new country known as Nigeria.

4. In 1939, Southern Nigeria was divided into Western and Eastern Provinces, Benin empire was illegally shared among these two Provinces as there was no referendum conducted for the people within the Benin empire to decide where they belong.

5. In 1953, an Edo son named Enahoro got tired of answering ''yes sir yes ma'' to the British Imperialists and decided to move the motion for Nigerian Independence which was later approved in 1960. At this time, Nigeria just found crude oil and Britain was not happy with Edo for moving such an independence motion as they were about to lose an exploration of a major resources that will help drive their industrialization.

6. In 1963, after so much insults, conspiracy and humiliations from Yorubas who were put in charge of Western Region, Oba Akenzua advocated for the creation of Midwestern Region where many ethnic nationalities of old Benin empire that traced their root to Benin Kingdom voted in a referendum to create Midwestern Region that was later known as Bendel (Benin and Delta) with Benin City as the Capital of this new Region. Midwestern Region became the only constitutionally created region in Nigeria through a peoples referendum.

7. When the conspirators saw that Midwestern Region was flourishing and developing rapidly under Oba Akenzua (King), Dennis Osadebay (Prime Minister) and Samuel Jereton Mariere (Governor), they feared that the new region would one day develop to a level where it can push for a separate country of it's own from Nigeria and considering the oil wealth in the region, they instigated a coup in 1966 using Kaduna Nzeogwu from Asaba (Midwestern region) and Emmanuel Ifeajuna from Onitsha (Eastern Region) to kill Tafawa Balewa who was the then Prime Minister. The conspirators were looking for a way to drag Midwestern and Eastern Regions into war with Northern Region. Aguiyi Ironsi was later assassinated by mutinous soldiers of Northern extraction which was termed a counter coup to the one that killed their son Tafawa Balewa.

8. In 1967, Odigmegu Ojukwu declared biafra (South Eastern province) independence from Nigeria and full civil war broke out between Nigeria and Biafra but Edos of Midwestern Region knew that this was a setup by conspirators to destroy all the progress they've made in Midwestern Region and they decided to be neutral in this war until Ojukwu renamed Midwestern region and called it Republic of Benin which he saw as a vassal state to Biafra putting one Maj. Albert Okonkwo in charge of it's affair. Albert Okonkwo and Biafra troops were driven out under one month from Midwestern region before Maj. Ogbemudia became it's Administrator. This action by Ojukwu was meant to drag Benins into this secessionist war but was greatly resisted by all Edos.

9. In 1967 Yakubu Gowon created 12 states out of the 3 unconstitutionally created regions while Midwestern region also known as Bendel was untouched as its referendum document was valid forever. In 1976, Murtala Mohammed created 19 States out of the existing 12 while Bendel State still remain intact.

10. In 1975, the conspirators renamed the country of Dahomey to Republic of Benin (Benin Republic) claiming they renamed it after the body of water in Southern Nigeria known as Bight of Benin whose name originated from Benin Kingdom, but descerning minds knows that the conspirators were trying to pin the evil slave trade that happened in Dahomey on Benin Kingdom, they feared that we may agitate for restoration of the Republic of Benin created by Ojukwu that lasted for few days during the Biafra War as Massob and Ipob are doing today, and also want to pass some of the great history and achievements of ancient Benin Kingdom as belonging to Dahomey same way they tried to distort Benin history with Ile Ife. Many African Americans today believe most of the artworks and greatness of Benin Kingdom are from present day Benin Republic (Dahomey) and whenever slave trade is mentioned, the name Benin is placed at the centre instead of Dahomey, Oyo, Aro slave raiders. You can hardly find where ancient Benin kingdom traded slaves infact the Kingdom forbids anyone from selling Benin people to slavery and we have a special facial mark that became our ID card.

10. In 1977, the commemoration mask of Queen Idia of Benin became the face of Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) which helped to put history of Benin Kingdom on the world map again and many people became interested in Benin history.

11. In 80's, as Bendel state was progressing and developing rapidly once again, another round of coup started with Buhari to Banbagida who split Bendel into two states of Edo and Delta. They succeeded in using Delta and Ondo States to landlock Benin Kingdom in order to freely explore every minerals found around the Benin River and Bight of Benin.

Aibuedefe Edugie

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