*The History Of The Itsekiris People *

By Edo arise Culture and Dance

Prince lginua the Olu of itsekiri died in ijalla and he was buried there.
After the Death of Prince iginua ,Leadership of itsekiris people fell on his two sons,namely Prince ijejen and Prince lrame,,but was chosen by the Royal family.
Prince ijejen whose leadership party finally moved to ODE lTSEKlRI,,otherwise known as Big Warri.
The itsekiris linguistics similarly with the Yoruba language is due to the influence of early settlers of Yoruba origin who migrated from west and part of igalla and some people from nupe areas to settle in Gborodo, Ureju and Omadesia.
Also according to my Grandfather,that Yoruba language was at that period in Benin a court language,and at the time Prince Ginua to the river coast and the language was put into use by the descendants at Ode itsekiri.
All itsekiris chieftancy titles are all exported from metropolitan Benin and traditional heritage custom to itsekiri kingdom.

The whole area and his riverine community,,coastal areas was under the direct supervision and political control of the Benin kingdom monarch,,and within the Suzerainty of the Oba of Benin
The Olu of Warri is a Royal son of the Benin kingdom and palace,,
The itsekiris descendants are all Royal blood from Benin kingdom and palace
The itsekiris linguistics norms ,dress and Cultural affinities and their Royal kingdom belong to Benin to which their descendants belong and derived their kingship and Royal power till date.
The Oba of Benin kingdom who empire extremely well extended over the whole of Bight of Benin historically is a father to all

The Olu of Warri,,Should call itsekiris youth residence in Ologbo to order,,

Our accommodating Spirit and Cultural affinities of Edo people should not be taken for granted,,

Ologbo is Edo community
Ologbo is Edo land. ,

Enogie of Ologbo is the paramount and Traditional head and Ruler of Ologbo Duke Dom
As installed by the Oba of Benin kingdom

Oba Gha Tor kpere iseeee

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