I have been almost all over the world in this small time I've spent on earth and I have spoken to lots of people both rich and poor alike. One question keeps lingering on my mind even though I've ask a lot of people about it, I still want to use this avenue to ask my good people back home and in diaspora as to why we all want to become rich men and women irrespective of our colors, races, creeds and tribes.

To many people in the west I've talked to,wants to be wealthy not just to help themselves,family,community and nation but to help the rest of the world and impact lives everywhere but the response I got from my African folks is narrow, myopic and greedy, here are some of their responses, I want to be rich so that I can be respected in my family, in my community, locality and country. I was astonished upon hearing why most of us Africans want to be rich was just about helping ourselves and having many body guards, lives in mansion,drives in convoys, and be call Oga everywhere we go.

Now my question is how about wanting to get rich and giving back to not just our family, community and our nations? How about impact the lives of people in our continent,Africa and the world beyond? What's it with our ways of thinking? And why are we where we are; then something came up which says we should go back to the basis or foundation of our thinking and rooting out our problems which happens to be the people who are suppose to be our role models and guarding light early in life, and these people are our teachers, and lecturers, let's leave parents out of these for now because no parent who doesn't want his or her children to have good moral or be the best in life.

90.5% of our teachers and lecturers are the primary problem I believe we having today in Nigeria and Africa at large because a lot of them have impacted our younger generation lives negatively by forcing our student to part away with money for them to pass exams,Forcing our young women into sleeping with them to graduate from higher institutions, and by the time these students become full adults and in good position, they will start behaving like their supposed role models who impacted them negatively early in life and these so called role models are our teachers and lecturers.

Some people might ask why am I picking on our scholars, the reason is simple, imagine a lecturer conniving with a student to dupe his older siblings who lives in Europe and America, and all other atrocities they have committed, these needs to be addressed and corrected as we've not even seen anything yet regarding corruptions, because these students are going to become our future politicians and leaders who are going to pilot the affairs of our great continent, how then do we expect them to deliver when all they were thought all through their learning days was greed, selfishness, me and I mentality? How can these people impact anyone's life positively? How can they selflessly advocate for the common good of their community, let alone state, nation, continent or even the world beyond our shores?.

My people I need some advice and I want honest opinions about this issue and answers about the questions raised in subject matter.

Thanks you all for your anticipated contributions in advance.
Smile always,
Manny Uwangue.

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